My Guest Post on The Mum Diaries

Hey Jaymee at The Mum Diaries is taking part in Veganuary because all the cool people are Vegan, and is publishing several posts throughout the month from people taking part or are already Vegan. My guest post is broken down into two parts, the first is about me and how/why I went vegan, the second... Continue Reading →

Devon Animal Save – 1st Vigil

Hi All, Been a while since I posted what with being busy with so much. But on the 24th October Devon Animal Save held their first Slaughterhouse Vigil at West Dawn Meats near Okehampton. Prior to attending, an email was sent to the slaughterhouse informing them that a vigil would be taking place within the... Continue Reading →

Yummy Vegan Pizza

I don't usually post food pictures and stuff because all the vegan food posts I see show amazing colours and incredibly healthy plates and awesome presentation and I'm much too lazy and, well, I like junk food ūüėÄ But then I thought I can't be the only lazy, junky vegan.¬† I am vegan for the... Continue Reading →

I’m Back

If you are one of my subscribers who regularly reads my blog (honestly, there are some!) I am back! Apologies for the lack of posts, I have been incredibly busy.¬† I currently have a full time job, a part time job, founder/organiser of Devon Animal Save and hold another volunteer position at a local school... Continue Reading →

Devon Animal Save – Update

New Name, Same Mission. Devon Animal Save is the new name of Devon Pig Save.¬† Which was the new name for South Devon Slaughterhouse Vigils.   What's in a name? The name change(s) came around from affiliations and by gathering more information from our potential vigil areas.¬† Originally we were South Devon Slaughterhouse Vigils because... Continue Reading →

Slaughterhouse Vigil – Devon, UK

I'm sure most people who read or follow my blog or social media accounts have heard of Toronto Pig Save.¬† If you haven't, please take a look¬†to see what they do.¬† They hold regular vigils at slaughterhouses as animals are "delivered" by truck.¬† They offer water to the¬†animals and some affection and attention.¬†¬†The below taken... Continue Reading →

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