Guest Post – My Introduction to Veganism

Hey! My first guest poster has kindly written the below and hopefully they will come back and post again. Guest Poster When I was in my teens, I did that dance with an eating disorder that far too many are familiar with themselves. Somewhere around here I dabbled with vegetarianism and plant-based diets, partially as... Continue Reading →

My Guest Post On Vegan Gangsta!

Hi I saw a call for guest bloggers on Facebook from "Vegan Gangsta", so I took the opportunity to talk about Slaughterhouse Vigils and what they mean to me. If you are on Facebook, head over to┬áVegan Gangsta and take a read, see the pictures and give it a share! ┬áLooking at the other guest... Continue Reading →

My Guest Post on The Mum Diaries

Hey Jaymee at The Mum Diaries is taking part in Veganuary because all the cool people are Vegan, and is publishing several posts throughout the month from people taking part or are already Vegan. My guest post is broken down into two parts, the first is about me and how/why I went vegan, the second... Continue Reading →

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