The Boston Tea Party, Exeter (Vegan Food Inside)



The other day I received an email from someone at The Boston Tea Party letting me know about their updated menu and a new Vegan option.  They asked if I would like to go and try it and provide some feedback.

In the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t pay for the meal as it was provided free of charge, but I will be honest and open, as I always am with reviews whether they have been provided for free or I have paid for them.

The Boston Tea Party have places all over.  There are four in Devon so I chose Exeter.  I hadn’t been to Exeter centre for years so it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

As it was a free meal (two free meals to be precise) I thought I would take my mum with me!  I told her I would treat her to lunch in Exeter.  She sounded suspicious and when I told her why, she said that made more sense 😛  Continue reading

Guest Post – Apathy: The Invalid Opposition To Veganism

I love guest posts, especially when the guest poster is my amazing fiance.  Here is another of her posts and hopefully we will see more in the future. 🙂


If vegans aren’t being vehemently questioned unto exhaustion about their protein sources and intake, the next most common phrase rattled off to us isn’t an inquiry at all, but an appeal to apathy as to their own carnist stance. Naturally, when this argument arises, it seems to inadvertently lay emphasis on the fact veganism has emotional bearings, insinuating there’s no room for emotions when possessing a logical, ethical position. Here’s why this just doesn’t cut it in terms of an intellectual opposition to a vegan lifestyle nor does it negate an argument FOR veganism when the emotional aspects are utilized.

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Guest Post – My Introduction to Veganism


My first guest poster has kindly written the below and hopefully they will come back and post again.


Guest Poster

When I was in my teens, I did that dance with an eating disorder that far too many are familiar with themselves. Somewhere around here I dabbled with vegetarianism and plant-based diets, partially as a way to maintain some semblance of that control an eating disorder gave and because my older sister had been vegetarian for years and I enjoyed the food. Continue reading

Pizza Nation Vegan Pizza – Paignton


Last night I had an incredible pizza from Pizza Nation, so good I had to Blog it!  Strangely enough it was Pizza Nation where I had my last ever non vegan takeaway food.  That was over a year ago now (will put a post up about my first Vegan year at some point).

I was looking on JustEat (as you do when you’re hungry and cant really be bothered to get off the sofa) and I thought I would have a nosy and see if there were any vegan options added, one can hope after all.  They had a vegan pizza, vegan meat feast pizza and a spicy vegan pizza!   Continue reading

The Confusing Nature of Humans 


Bit of an opinion piece today. Something that both makes me feel warm inside but also frustrated and confused.

I saw a story the other day about a king cobra snake in India entering a village, believed to be due to dehydration as the area was in drought, a villager gave the snake water from a bottle. The snake readily accepted it. It makes me feel happy inside seeing humans helping animals and giving something to them.


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Warrens Bakery – Vegan Pasty


So, the other day someone at work told me Warrens Bakery had brought out a couple of Vegan pasties.  I loooooove a pasty, cant beat a good pasty.  When I was a kid me and my dad were in Cornwall and went around about 6/7 different bakeries just gorging on them.  Since being vegan, the closest I have come to a pasty is the ones in Holland and Barrett, the Steakless slice and stuff.  Dont get me wrong, they are nice.  But you can’t beat one ready baked and still warm from a bakery.


I went for a job interview and on my way back I passed a service station and saw they had a Warrens Bakery so I pulled in and thought I would see what they had.  I saw Vegan Thai Green Pasty.  I was a little unsure, as it had the “G” word in the title and thought it could be heavy on the veg but remembering the Vegan Thai Green Curry I reviewed for Dragonfly Foods (which can be found here) I thought i would give it a go.
At the counter I asked for the Vegan pasty and the woman serving told me that it was delicious and one of her favourites, she was quick to add she wasnt vegan (heaven forbid 😛  ) but she said it was really good, something her colleague confirmed.   Continue reading

Looking Forward to Seeing People Stop Buying Eggs! No More Free Range


Hopefully egg buyers are aware that currently due to the fear of avian flu, farmers have been ordered to house their chickens inside (since 6th December 2016).  So currently the whole “free range” eggs and chicken label is not true.  From Pancake day, a day where the UK consumes roughly 52 million eggs, it will be 12 weeks since the order was made.  Under EU rules the eggs from these birds cannot be called free range.

Considering every person I speak to about eggs tells me they buy only Free Range eggs because they claim to care about the animals, I wonder if they will now stop buying eggs for the foreseeable future?   Continue reading