The easiest answer, and the hardest to dispute for “Why go Vegan?” is Morality.

The fact that a living, breathing, thinking, feeling, sentient being is harmed just for us to have a snack or drink is wrong. I think that this is something we can all agree on. If we cant agree on that, then I am a little worried. I am not defining which animal so you may have in your head “Nah mate, its fine to have milk from a cow” or “Dude, it’s a chicken….its made of meat!”.

That shows speciesism right there. By the way, that is a real word.  But the fact I mentioned animals and you may have automatically thought of cows and chickens makes me wonder what you would think if I said it was rats milk and a slice of golden retriever? Would you be appalled? Feel sick? Would you campaign if Sainsbury’s or Walmart started selling slabs of Cat behind the meat counter? Or German shepherd steaks?

One question I ask meat eaters who I get into discussions with is always, “where do you draw the line with animals? At what point to do you discriminate against a certain species? Dog, cat, horse, mouse, giraffe, cow, donkey…… I very rarely get a reply. In fact to this day I still haven’t had an answer.

(Why do we value one species higher than another? Dogs in cages on the left and pigs on the right, both awaiting slaughter)

The moral reason is the easiest reason to be a vegan in my opinion. It is also the hardest part. It’s the easiest reason because there is so much suffering that when you have seen the videos and pictures it will put you off ever wanting to contribute to those awful practices ever again. But it is also the hardest part. For having seen what goes on, it never leaves you. I may get a little graphic with my descriptions and I make no apologies for that as they are all fact and in some cases approved ways of handling animals and their produce. Seeing live male chicks, less than an hour old travel down a conveyor belt to a grinder, rotating metal blades that kill and grind the chicks alive into a pulp/mince because they don’t produce eggs. Seeing baby cows ripped away from their mothers and taken to be killed because they don’t generate milk and would use up all the mothers. Watching pigs fight against their abusers as they are beaten and kicked out of the truck that transports them to the slaughter house. Or trapped in the rape rack to be forcibly inseminated. Seeing these things will help keep you vegan, but they also make you wish for ignorance again at times. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about the animals being harmed and beaten and abused. Not a day goes by where I don’t nigh on end up in tears as I think about how they suffer unnecessarily just for a product that is bad for the human body anyway. It would be like beating kids to make cigarettes for everyone to smoke. Abuse to create ill health. It is nonsensical and frustrating.

Morally, we have no right to inflict pain or suffering on another living being. We have no right to treat animals like property or commodities. They are living breathing beings. Smart intelligent beings. I am in two minds whether to put the graphic videos and pictures on this site as I don’t want to just try and shock people into veganism, but sometimes it’s the only way to actually understand what happens. Saying it is one thing, but actually seeing the abuse, torture and killing really hammers it home more than words ever could. Those that say the animals don’t suffer or feel, have never seen the look in their eyes as they struggle and fight against what they know is death and pain.

Morally, there is not one argument or excuse for not being vegan. I will not and cannot accept that there will ever be a justifiable reason to harm or hurt another living creature just for food or drink or a belt.



Male Chicks – Worthless waste product of the egg industry

See below for how they are disposed

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Why go Vegan?

Why go Vegan?

There are more reasons to go vegan than not to go vegan. In fact, there is only really one reason not to go vegan and that is because umm because you enjoy the taste of animals and their products more than you care their lives and your own health and the environment.

There are three headings for why you should go Vegan (yes, should!). They are as follows

  1. Morality – No other living, sentient being should have to suffer just for us
  2. Health – Animal products are not healthy for us, in fact they are the exact opposite
  3. Environmental – Animal agriculture causes more CO2 emissions and deforestation than any other industry or transport method combined!

Now, I know you will probably dispute those facts, which is why I have three sub sections under this heading. I will keep adding to them with different studies and cite different links. But I don’t want people to just take my word for it, the best way to learn is to research for yourself, find multiple sources and make your own decisions. I will put as many as I can on here for people to read and link back to, though