What is Veganism to Me? An honest account.

What does Veganism mean to me?

So I have already posted about the definition of a Vegan, but that is a very impersonal description.

I am going to write about my experience with Veganism, my journey on become a Vegan and what it means to me. I have also posted on Instagram asking for what it means to you so I can post some quotes and link back to your accounts. I am hoping to be able to do this more often and share opinions and views of various people.

Anyway, my experience. I was one of those meat eaters who would giggle and say “Bacon”, joke about the animals, couldn’t see what was wrong with milk and eggs. Thought all vegans were hemp wearing, unhealthy, gaunt tree hugging hippies. I was the meat eater I hate today. I ate meat or dairy with every meal, I drank milkshakes and would eat massive omelettes filled with egg, ham and cheese. Pizza’s with multiple animals on. I was also ill a lot. Continue reading

What is Veganism?

What is Veganism?


So, it seems the number of vegans is growing, there are more vegan options available in stores and restaurants but what exactly is a Vegan?

The Oxford Dictionary defines Vegan as a person who does not eat or use animal products.

Vegan Definition

(See, I wasn’t lying)


What does that actually mean though? How is it different to Vegetarianism?

Vegetarians don’t eat meat. So they wont eat beef, pork, lamb, chicken etc etc. Some strange reason some of them will eat fish? But I am not quite sure why if I am honest.

Vegans don’t eat meat (or fish) and then further still, they don’t consume milk, eggs, butter, cheese, honey etc. Vegans also don’t believe animals are there for our benefit. They are not commodities to be sold or abused. So this will include refraining from using products with animal products in also. Meaning no leather, no beeswax, no silk, no artificial colourings using bugs or beaver anal glands (im serious).  Vegans will also avoid products testing on animals such as cosmetics etc.

You may think this leaves very few options for vegans and im sure most think that the diet and lifestyle of a vegan consists of lentils and hummus, wearing hemp sacks and dreadlocked hair. Pasty skin and weak brittle bones. But you will be surprised just how much choice and nourishing foods and products are out there.