Herbivorous Humans: Why Humans are Herbivores.

Humans are Herbivores

This post is to put to bed the arguments that meat eaters have where they claim we as humans are carnivores or omnivores. I always wonder why when they try and defend their contribution to animal abuse they seem to ignore the undue pain and suffering and claim that we are “meant” to eat animal products. As if that is some sort of excuse for all the torture caused to such beautiful creatures.



Firstly, the most popular one I always hear and I’m sure my fellow vegan’s will agree is “But dude, I have these canine teeth!” *sigh* really?

Here is a comparison of teeth in carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. Which one do you think is most like ours?

Canines are a name, to identify different teeth. Incisors, canines, pre molars and molars. They don’t mean they are actually canines in the respect that they are used to rip flesh (similar to how we have an anvil bone in our ear, but we don’t hammer out steel on them like a blacksmith). Our teeth are flat and similar sized, our jaw also moves laterally to chew. Our incisors are also blunt and flat, unlike carnivores and omnivores. True carnivores and omnivores can only rip and swallow, they cant chew like us and fellow herbivores.   Even if we did have canines, they are not exclusive to carnivores and omnivores, there are some animals that have them for defensive reasons, one of my favorite is the sabre toothed deer.



 (What big teeth you have…….All the better to eat leaves and flowers and grass with)

 Long thin canines used in their incredibly gory diet of leaves and flowers. So can we put to bed this argument about teeth? Or can a meat eater show me how they will use theirs to rip into a badger or some other animal they have freshly taken down, with their bare hands.

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