This is what refined Sugar-Free can do! 5 years sugar-free?! (+pictures)

The Human Condition of Sorts: As Told Through Poetry and Written Word

As of last year, I’ve been completely vegan, including cosmetics and shampoos, clothes, etc. Before that I might have been accurately labeled vegetarian, though there was a two month gap where I fell for the keto shtick and ate meat. I went back vegetarian, then February of 2016 I went vegan and haven’t looked back since. Originally it was for health reasons, now the animals’ well being has taken absolute precedence. But even prior to those changes, I dropped refined sugar. Completely. It’s been 5 years off of refined sugar, and I think it’s possibly one of the best things I’ve ever done. My skin is pretty incredible, since dropping it. I can go without foundation confidently. My blood pressure stays towards the low end of healthy, which is more desirable than the high end on the precipice of hypertension. My body doesn’t retain fat beyond a healthy, slender percentage…

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Guest Post – My Introduction to Veganism

Hey! My first guest poster has kindly written the below and hopefully they will come back and post again. Guest Poster When I was in my teens, I did that dance with an eating disorder that far too many are familiar with themselves. Somewhere around here I dabbled with vegetarianism and plant-based diets, partially as... Continue Reading →

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