Activism Series – Your Posts, Views and Information



I have put a few messages out on my Social Media about this, but I can get more written in a post.
I am hoping to put together a section on here relating to activism and basically anything people do to help promote veganism, help animals. help people become vegan and just as importantly, help them remain vegan.

I am looking for anything and everything from online postings and sharing of vegan facts and news to direct action and liberation.  I want to get a huge selection so people can see all the different ways that they can get involved as well as see the benefits.  Some people may feel they couldn’t take part in some things or don’t really understand what happens or why.  But with first hand accounts from people in their own words with links to visit etc. it will give people more knowledge and a better position to make the decision to join in.  Hopefully it will breed a mutual respect across all aspects of activism and campaigning as well.  Continue reading