The Evergrowing Nature from the Seeds of Kindness

Something I will always hope to be, even in my grey years, even if the world has changed around me into an unfamiliar spinning blur, is to be kind. Mark and I were speaking about this the other night in the car, of qualities and how we have bettered one another, and kindness seems to be the one virtue we’re both most proud of. And it was said,

there’s no downside to kindness. 

Image result for kindness is a language that the blind can see


Kindness, for me, was a ricochet from going through tough times. My dad taught me it better than anyone. I have always and will always view him through the eyes of a 5 year old idolising their superhero dad for his strength or his athleticism; only mine was his kindness. I was quite young when my mom told me the story of my dad nearly losing his life for complete strangers. There was a situation of domestic abuse that my dad happened to drive by and he planted himself in a position of danger to protect a woman and kids whom he never met in his life. But what molded my dad into this person was the hardships he experienced in his childhood and early adulthood.

My own difficult experiences are what have enlightened me, when feeling painful emotions I never wanted others to feel, And I became more in tune with external empathy than I ever have. I never want to make another feel any negative emotion. I want nothing but kindness to grow from my tiny sphere of existence, and to emit as little harm as is humanly possible.

None of us are here for very long at all, and some even less than that. We are all here living various stories, from different backgrounds, trudging through the waters of our own struggle. Different creatures and species. And how dare we be anything less than kind to one another, knowing this?

Almost daily Mark pays me superficial compliments that I coil from insecurity and retort with, “no, but I’m a good person”.  And I say it with such an unwavering tone and pride, as if nothing could be truer of my person.

And I know there is so much more to learn. The world is fat with complexities and is too many shades of color to be so black and white as to say simply be kind. I will never be a fully complete human; full of the knowledge of my purpose here or how the world will turn out, and I have very little sway beyond what dinner I decide to make for my family that night. Veganism has taught Mark and I so many things, but it has branched far beyond the plate and has intertwined itself all around our lives, constantly reminding us of the eternal demand for

more kindness. 




Please be kind. Kind with the food you put on your plate and the lives you interact with daily.

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