Is this me writing from my coffin? If so, this is a spacious coffin. And the vegan movement must have done a number on me…

I’m The Vegan Bear’s wife, so perhaps from hence forth I shall be called The Vegan Bearess.

I wanted to write a piece here as dust has settled on one of my husband’s passions — speaking out in an effort to inform others of the monstrosities that take place in slaughterhouses, with an end goal of minimising the demand for animals and animal products.

Image result for pig gif
because who would want to eat these beautiful babes

My husband has been on a hiatus, as we both have settled into our new married life of bliss, debt and eternally dodging the “when are you having kids?” question from our family members. The vegan movement and activism and all that it entails can undoubtedly wear down a person. Seeing the horrors some activists see can have lasting psychological effects; talking to unmoving people about the cruelty they are unknowingly (or knowingly) paying into only to be met with apathy makes one feel defeated. So he has stepped away. But I know the power he has in his voice, his intelligence, and his ability to get through to people in an nonthreatening manner. So I wanted to write a piece to, hopefully, breathe life into this abandoned blog. A piece on a life of kindness….


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