Delicious Vegan Cheese and Ham Omelette!



I have a backlog of posts to get written but I have just had a delicious vegan omelette and wanted to share with others.  One of the biggest things I have missed since being vegan (nearly 2 and a half years now) is eggs.  Fried eggs, Scrambled eggs, Omelettes etc.  But, if you follow my blog you may have seen I have managed to satisfy my fried egg craving.


(Fry up featuring fried and scrambled eggs)

I had managed to make (to me) really convincing and tasty fried and scrambled eggs, which had helped with those cravings, but I really fancied an omelette.
Me and the Vegan Bunny were in Holland and Barrett the other day and looking around at some of the items which had been reduced (we like to be thrifty) and saw that Vegan Egg was reduced to £3.99 from £7.99.  I have always wanted to try it but the price tag really put me off.  I couldn’t justify to myself that it would be worth eight quid.  But as it was reduced, we decided to grab two boxes just in case it was worth it.  FYH-VEGANEGG-2

(Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg)

It does have a guide on the front of the packet for how to make scrambled eggs and the measurements needed, which we followed for some scrambled egg (the Vegan Bunny made me a bacon and scrambled egg grilled sandwich with vegan mayo….my god it was insane!  Those ‘muricans are good with food, let me tell you!). IMG_7361

(Yummy Murican Made Bacon, Scramble and Mayo Grilled Sandwich)

There did seem to be a little something missing though.  It had a good eggy texture and it looked like beaten eggs when mixed, but the flavour (to me) was not quite eggy.  Whether that’s me miss-remembering what eggs tasted like, but I decided to add a little Kala Namak into the mix.  That was what was missing to me.

SO for the Omelette you will need:


  1. Weigh out 20 grams of vegan egg and place into a bowl
  2. Add the cold water until the required consistency (may be just under the full amount, but will look like beaten eggs)
  3. Add a pinch of Kala Namak
  4. Mix together and then add the cheese and hamIMG_7564[1]
  5. Melt the knob of butter and pour into the mix
  6. Heat a frying pan with a little butter and then slowly pour the mix in.  Pour the mix into the shape of the omelette as you wont be whisking or mixing the omelette now, you will treat it like a pancake and let it seal the bottom and cook through enough so you can flip it without spilling the top everywhereIMG_7569[1]
  7. Once you can shimmy the omelette around in the pan without it sticking, carefully flip it over (although you need to be careful, don’t half ass it, you need to commit to flip it good!  So be confident and own that flip!!)
  8. Leave to cook the new bottom until it is easily shimmied around the panIMG_7574[1]
  9. Stab with a fork and press down on the top with a spatula and see if the middle is cooked.  The Vegan Egg does take a little longer to cook than real eggs, so don’t rush it.  Also, the cheese melting may look like the egg mix
  10. Once you think it is ready, flip it once more and lay some spinach on the top until it wilts down some which should be the same amount of time it takes to put a couple slices of toast in the toaster ready to serve.IMG_7578[1]
  11. Enjoy!!

I have put the ingredients into “MyFitnessPal” and for the above (without the toast) it is:

  • 314 Calories
  • 16 protein
  • 19 carbs
  • 8 fibre
  • 0 sugar
  • 20 fat

If you make it, let me know how you got on and what varieties of ingredients you have tried.  Mushroom?  Onion?  Spring onions? Meatless Chicken pieces?



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