Vegan Fish and Chips, Vegan Burger and a Relaxing Atmosphere!


The other day my dad and his partner were in town and his partner tagged me on Facebook suggesting we go grab a pizza from Pizza Hut now that they have vegan cheese, (which was really sweet of her as she isn’t vegan herself) but sadly the nearest dine in Pizza Hut was about 45 minutes drive away so we opted for going to Cantina in Goodrington.  I have been a few times as they have vegan pizza, vegan ice cream, plant milks and have some great entertainment on such as New Daze and Bert Miller etc (both well worth going to see if you can).

I had a quick look online at their menu as it had been a while since I had been down there and found they had vegan pizza, burgers and fish and chips!  My dad has recently gone vegetarian and has been doing so well for the past three months or so.  I never thought he would ever go veggie so that’s such an encouraging step.  His partner is allergic to fish and dairy so between them they are nearly plant based.  Anyway, we decided Cantina sounded good and the atmosphere there is always so welcoming and relaxing; we grabbed a drink and a menu and I was over the moon to see them both order the vegan burger.  If any non vegans are reading this, don’t underestimate how much it means to a vegan friend/family member to eat vegan with them.  Its shows a respect and acknowledgement which truly does mean so much.  So to them both I am so grateful for that.  I opted for the fish and chips as I was intrigued in how it would taste.  The pictures aren’t great as I wasn’t intending to make a post about it and when I am eating with others I try to keep my phone away as it can be seen as rude to be on the phone.

The burger I am told by my newly veggie dad, was the best burger he has had since being veggie!  Which is awesome.  His partner enjoyed it too.


(The Vegan Burger, and a cameo of my dad rocking the checks and waistcoat, like a boss)

The fish was a slice of aubergine (or eggplant for you ‘muricans) with a miso and seaweed batter.  It strangely did taste like fish!  Even the aubergine “meat” had a fish like texture.


(The Vegan Fish and Chips, terrible picture I know.  Under the “fish” was some really tasty peas and shoots!)

We sat and relaxed as we ate, there are sofas to chill on and board games to help yourself to and its dog friendly so it has such a nice relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.  If you are down in the bay, take a trip to Cantina, you will be glad you did!

Head to their website to keep up to date on events and to see their menu.


2 thoughts on “Vegan Fish and Chips, Vegan Burger and a Relaxing Atmosphere!

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  1. The burger looks like it could feed me for a week! And it would be a week I’d enjoy, always good to read of places that are selling more vegan options. We are getting there, and faster than I had hoped. I’m an old timer in the vegan arena and the options available now are incredible compared to twenty years ago. It’s wonderful.

    – Esme upon the Cloud waving hello

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