Visa Decision and Competition Winner


Been a little while since I have updated or posted, but hopefully I will be able to soon as mine and the Vegan Bunny’s fiancé visa has been accepted!!! Woop!! We found out last weekend that it had been accepted, although we received an email from the decision centre roughly 4 days before, telling us they had made their decision……but the email doesn’t say yes or no so we had days of the worst suspense ever!!  Thankfully, it did arrive quite quickly and I was on the phone to Bunny when she looked for her passport and opened the page to show that we had indeed been accepted for our visa and we can now plan on getting her here and getting married!! 😀 YAY!!!!

So we are super happy and cannot wait to be together, it has been a lot of time, money and effort and both of us working like crazy to make it happen so we are now just counting down to when we can finally be together.


(Super happy, super hydrated)

In other news, I have just got back from sending off one lucky winners package of some Brain Fud energy drinks.  See this post here for details.  I have contacted the other winners and am waiting for them to get back to me with their addresses and they will receive theirs too!  I have some left which I am more than happy to give away if anyone is interested, they are delicious!)

I do have another competition which I am about to run for some tasty energy ball treats from Go-Nutz.  The post will be up and live soon.  If you want to get your hands on them take a read of that post.




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