The Real Go-Nutz. Review and Competition


I recently was followed on instagram (click here to follow me too) by Go-Nutz,  I took a look at their page and gave them a follow back as I usually do if the person is vegan or they are a company which has vegan products, and I saw that they were selling…

 “An energy ball made with nuts, fruits, spices and most of all with love.  No nasty stuff you wouldn’t eat on its own.  Ancient food wisdom passed down generations and now delivered to your door”

I liked the sound of them so I contacted them and ordered a box.  I enjoyed them and then ordered another box and also paid for an additional 4 boxes so I could give some away to readers/followers!  But before we get to the free stuff, let me tell you how they taste.


(Cute little box of healthy yumminess)

Coco-Orange – So tasty.  I think this is my favourite.  I am a huge chocolate orange fan.  The texture is a firm but soft/squeezable texture and the flavour is just right.  It isn’t over powering or lacking.  I’ve had two of these now and both have been spot on.


Exotic Mango – The texture again is the same and the taste is just right.  The mango has a refreshing fruity taste but isn’t overpowering.


Spicy Ginger – I don’t usually like ginger unless its in a cake or a biscuit so I wasnt sure if I would like this one, but again the flavour is just bang on.  It doesnt over power or assualt you as you eat it, its there and you can taste it but you don’t get knocked out by it.  Very surprised I liked it.


Aromatic Cardamom – Me either.  No idea what a cardamom….two secs….ahh thats right, I remember now cardamom is a spice made from the seeds of several plants in the genera Elettaria and Amomum in the family Zingiberaceae.  Sorry, funny the things which slip your mind.  Anyway, this has quite a unique smell, it does smell very herby/spicy/gardeny and has a firmer texture than the others.  I’ll be honest and say I’m not a fan of this one, I cant really describe the taste but its a little like the inside of a greenhouse in that there are a lot of herby/planty tastes going on.



Sea Salt – This is also a little firmer and has a little more crunch.  The salt isn’t overly obvious but is present.  I enjoy salt, probably have too much on my meals or as an ingredient if I am honest, but this subtle taste feels just right and actually the first one ive had two bites of as I’m tasting them…..Make that three bites)


Romantic Rose – It sounds such a beautiful name and before I open it I feel I wont like it.  I don’t like fragrancey foods or even the smell of flowers but I am prepared to be proven wrong.   It does have a fragrancey aroma, like a light perfume.  Which hasn’t changed my initial thoughts, but strangely upon tasting it reminds me of a marmalade.  I’m pleasantly surprised to be honest.  I thought I wouldn’t like it but it’s really good!



So for me, that’s 5 out of the 6 flavours which I enjoyed and when I used to eat boxes of chocolates there were always more than one type I didn’t like, so that’s good!  They are healthy, natural and very tasty.  To order yours and read more about them, head to their website.


Now, as I mentioned, I have 4 boxes to give away.  So I have been trying to think of some ways to do that.

One can be the typical social media one.  Find this post on either twitter, Facebook or Instagram then like, comment and share (I say to comment and share as some likes are just automatic from random hash tag scanning accounts).  Its a simple and easy for me to track who’s entered.

Second, as these are a healthy treat, send me your recipes for a healthy, vegan meal/dessert/snack.  The one that sounds the tastiest to me will win a box and I will make and post the meal on here. (Bonus points if its refined sugar free).  Send them to me via DM on my social media or contact me here.

Third, tell me why you need an energy boost.  Are you working multiple jobs to pay for a fiance visa too?  Are you an activist and attending numerous events and juggling work? etc.

And finally, go show Go-Nutz some love.  Take a look at their site and social media accounts and leave a little message, maybe a “@The_Vegan_Bear sent me” that way I know who has.  Check them out on Facebook  Twitter, and Instagram.

You can enter as many times as you like and I will pick the winners hopefully in time for the packages to be sent out before Christmas.  Due to postage, the winners will need to be in the U.K.  I will try and run some other comps in the new year for readers abroad. 🙂


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