BRAIN FÜD – Still Energy Drink. A Review, Discount Code and Freebies!


I have a little review today plus as its Black Friday I also have a discount code as well as some freebies to give away too!

Brain Fud 2

A good few months ago I saw something on Tesco Back It, a campaign where new products are shown and you can buy into them to support them.  Kind of like a crowd funder.  For certain amounts you get something back.  I put in £25 as it was something I liked the look of which got me a free crate of energy drinks.  The product is something called Brain FÜd.  A natural energy drink of still water and fruit flavours with no added sugar!  I liked the sound of that as I enjoy an energy drink but try not to drink them too often because always hear how they aren’t good for you and stuff.  So I paid £25 to support it.  I like to support things I like the look of, and of course its Vegan.

Brain Fud 3

Their founder had this to say about the product:

Brain Fud 1


Anyway, they contacted me recently and said they were sending me my crate of brain fud and as they liked this little ole blog site and my instagram site, they were sending another 2 crates so I could have a crate of each flavour!  Which was real kind of them.

Look at all these drinks!


They have three flavours and bear with me when I tell you them because I was a little unsure at first of the combinations:

Citrus and Mint
Ginger and Pineapple
Berry and Coconut

I thought the same when I heard the mint one.  Mint? In a drink?! But it is so so good!  It is like a traditional lemonade, but still.  Really refreshing.  It really did remind me of cloudy lemonade I had as a kid.  The mint isn’t too strong or overpowering, it has a subtle kick which makes it refreshing more than anything.  I was really surprised as I don’t normally like mint, never liked it in chocolate or anything really so when I tried this I was amazed!

The Ginger and Pineapple also gave me thoughts of a drink I had as a kid from my Gran.  Again, the ginger isn’t overpowering or too much, very subtle but present and the pineapple kicks in just after and gives it a sweetness which is just right.

The berry and coconut is my favourite I think, very yummy fruity berry taste and the coconut gives it an almost creamy taste too.

Brain Fud 4

As for the energy effect, I was doing some work up in Woking the other day (shameless name drop) relating to the new McLaren P15 supercar, so I was up and leaving my house at around 5:30am (which isn’t too bad as I usually wake up at 5am each morning anyway) and finished doing what I was doing in Woking at around 1pm.  I was a little tired as it was the end of the week, I had been busy with other things and have a second job as well as other things I get up to.  Driving is something that also makes me a little tired so I had a cool bag with some sandwiches in (Violife and pickle if you must know) and a bottle of Brain Fud.  As I hit the A303 back to the southwest I opened my Ginger and Pineapple bottle and started sipping and it did make me feel more alert and less sleepy.  It also had me bopping along to whatever junk I was listening to on the radio 😛
I will be putting it through its paces more next week, on Monday/Tuesday as I have a busy day heading up to the O2 for the Veganuary press launch which finishes around 9pm, which I will then be heading back to Torbay getting in around 1am if I am lucky, then up Tuesday morning to be in work for 7 for an all day audit!  So I will update then with how well it performed!!

If you want to get some yourself, head to the website and at the checkout type the discount code “BFVeganBearBF” for a cheeky 25% off.  Valid for one week so get over there now and order yours!!


So head on over to and get yourself a discount bargain while you can!

Also, as I have so many bottles head over to Facebook, like my page and find the post about Brain Fud discount code and share and I will select 4 people to win one of each flavour which I will post to you to try for free.   UK only as it would cost a (Citrus and) Mint to send abroad!!




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