Warrens Bakery: Vegan Variety Pack


Its been a while since I posted as I have been working both jobs and getting visa documents sorted.

But I had a DM from Warrens Bakery today on Twitter which I thought I would share with you lovely lot.  I have been chatting with Warrens off and on since August as I was asking about whether there would be an option to buy their pasties online in a variety pack of sorts.


Although I love their Vegan selection, I don’t particularly want to buy 10 of each flavour and end up with 30 pasties in the freezer, likewise I don’t want to just buy 10 of one and maybe get bored after the 6th one.  I was told they were looking into it and today I had a message to say that they have one!



It will be going live this week and will contain:

4 x Traditional
4 x Green Thai
2 x Fiery Mexican

I think that is a good balance.  The traditional is so amazingly tasty (See review here), it has actually overtaken my preference of the Green Thai.  The flavour is just like a traditional Cornish pasty, but without the meat.  You don’t even realise that the meat is missing because the flavour and texture of the veggies is just so delicious.
The Green Thai was my favourite for a long time (and you can read more about it here) and I didn’t think it could be beaten, so having 4 of those as well is amazing.
The Fiery Mexican are hardcore.  I am not much of a hot spicy food lover so my mouth is probably a little delicate (aw) towards fiery heat, but my mouth was on fire!  I drank two cans of soda while eating one pasty it was that hot.  I have one in the freezer still and it is the one pasty I have yet to review on here, so maybe I will do so soon.  🙂

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled on the Warrens website to see the variety pack on there soon!  I am planning on getting one and taking them into work, or chuck some chips with them for an evening meal…..or better yet (and I know at least one other person would do the same, my dad) put one in a sandwich.  Mmmm that sounds amazing.

I am such a fan of the Warrens Vegan Pasties (oh and cakes, they have two farmhouse apple/raisin slice cake things as well) that when the variety pack goes live on the website, I will send one to one of you lovely readers, free of charge, so you can experience how good they are.  I would assume delivery is only in the UK so apologies to those overseas (I may do some other “Bear Made” gift boxes and giveaways in the future which will be available to those overseas, maybe a Christmas Competition or something.  Let me know if you would be interested).  I am not sure on how to choose someone but maybe randomly from Facebook likers or someone from the comment section on here, or guess the number I’m thinking of,  other suggestions welcome.

If you are passing a Warrens Bakery, I definitely recommend calling in and trying one.




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