Update: Jobs, Visa’s and Weddings

Hey Everyone!

I have been quiet for a while as I have been busy working, working, working.  Both the Vegan Bunny and I have been tied up with various different things of late.  But we are getting closer to having the visa completed.

Friday just gone, Bunny was in Birmingham………..Alabama for an appointment with biometrics for the visa.  So she was having her fingerprints and photographs taken ready for the visa people to check once we send everything off to Sheffield, UK for the decision.

For those of you who don’t know, Bunny is American.  She was born and raised (in playgrounds where she spent most of her days…..) in Alabama and has the sweetest, cutest accent to go with it.  We are planning on getting married in January and living together here in the UK.  So we have been saving for the visa process and other bits and pieces as well as trying to get all the paperwork we need.  It has been a long process; stressful at times, but we are so close now.  Bunny has to send me some of her documents, I add them to a folder I’ve put together and then we send it to Sheffield.

(Big folder to prove we meet the requirements.  And yes, I am a loved up goober who saves receipts from our dates :P)

This is the worst part where we wait.  Once they make their decision on whether Bunny can come to the UK and we can get married and be together, they will let us know via email that they have made a decision, but wont tell us what the decision is until the application pack and documents get back to Bunny in Alabama!  It will be like the longest suspenseful pause ever, even worse than on the X-Factor when they announce a “winner”.  Just an email saying “We have made our decision and have decided that Vegan Bunny, whether you can live in the UK and marry your fiance, we have decided………..” and then we wait for the shipping to get from Sheffield to Alabama!  It is gonna suck so bad waiting that long.  I mean, I am confident we will be accepted.  We have been together for a few years, have visited each other 5 times and speak literally every day.  But having our future in someone else’s hands is unsettling.

Anyway, I thought I would give a little update and reasons why I haven’t been posting much lately.  I do have some post ideas waiting, which I will now be able to get around to.  Including a local takeaway which has trained staff in what vegans eat and what options are available, vegan shower gel and deodorant, something from Warrens Bakery, Work Based vegan foods and some other random opinion posts where I vomit my thoughts onto the page. 🙂


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