Warrens Does it Again – 3 Pasties and a Cake



I was on the old Twitter machine t’other day and saw that Warrens Bakery had a new Vegan pasty!! An original vegan pasty, so being a big Warrens fan I made sure I headed into town to try one as soon as poss.  (I have since tried it about 4 times, one time included a bit of a detour to head to a service station with a Warrens while I was on the road).

Now, I am a huge fan of the Thai Green Curry pasty that Warrens do, which you can read about here.  I was also a fan of the Fiery Mexican which I haven’t reviewed yet as I have only had it once and it set my face on fire…..I do have one in the freezer though, so will do that this weekend maybe!
So I was really willing this new one to be just as good.  If I am honest, I wasn’t holding high hopes purely because I was imagining just a load of veg wrapped in pastry.  The Thai has the Thai Green curry sauce and flavours which makes it out of this world (seriously, read about it here and go get one).  The Fiery Mexican is crazy hot (to me who tended to eat only bland food before going vegan) and flavoursome.
But the original/traditional vegan pasty is insane.  Before going vegan, every pasty would have to have meat in it for me to eat, unless it was loaded with cheese.  So I thought that would be an issue. With the other two there is something to maybe distract you from there not being any meat (the Thai flavour and insane heat), but this one is out on its own, just some veggies in pastry, but I didn’t even realise there was no meat.  I think in a lot of pasties there is actually a small amount of meat anyway or you are preparing for a gristly bit it becomes a focus, like “where is the meat?!” or “Eww chewy fatty meat”.  So not expecting any meat made it more enjoyable anyway but the flavouring and amount of veggies was so on point.  It really does taste amazing.

This is where I wish I was more food bloggery because those guys take amazing pictures and present things so well, but I am a nightmare with food.  As soon as its ready I just want to go to town on it!

I tried, but I just wanted to eat it!

If you can’t get to Warrens, you can order online.  Currently in boxes of ten of one kind (so 10 Vegan Original, 10 Green Thai or 10 Fiery Mexican) but I have spoken to them and they may introduce a more “selection” box style.  Their words were “An Ultimate Vegan Selection Box” In my mind a box with 3 Original, 3 Mexican and 4 Green Thai would be perfect.  I would be buying them!  Could even chuck in the Apple and Raspberry Slice (oh yeah, there is now a cake too!)

I asked them if there were any more vegan options, mentioning I had tried the 3 pasties and the cake, I also asked them how they had been received and what their plans were.

Not sure if their first line is a cheeky fat joke at me? ( -_- )

“Hello Vegan Bear.
It seems that you have sampled all of our current vegan options [read sarcastically – VB], we are always developing our whole product range and that includes further vegan options. Our Autumn/Winter range will hit our stores by October so keep your nose to the ground for that one. All of our vegan products should be available in all of our stores however, demand as been spectacularly high and we are working as hard as we can to get them back out and into our shops as soon as possible. The public have loved our vegan range, it has made our pasties accessible not only to vegans but also to egg and dairy allergy sufferers, vegetarians love them and the flavours are a big hit even with our more carnivorous customers. Our most popular vegan product is currently the Thai Green, however the Original has only been on the market since the beginning of summer and is already gaining its own delicious reputation. If we can help with anything more, let us know!
Thanks, WB Team”

That’s encouraging that there could be more vegan options on the way!  Anyway, here is a picture of the cake/slice now available in Warrens.  It smells a little bit like a mince pie/nelson slice (My dads favourite) and tastes just damn good.  I can’t really describe it and I have had two to try and get a bead on it.  Although the first one I tried was a little hard, the second was much better as it was a little more soft and moist (no jokes please, I wrote that sentence and refrained, you can read it and do the same).  It was an oaty texture with the apple and a cinnamon taste with the torte raspberry in the middle.  Go try it.

TL:DR – Warrens Bakery have 3 incredible Vegan pasties and a vegan cake/slice. There may be more to come in Autumn (or fall as my good lady says) and online they are working on “An ultimate Vegan selection box”.
Go try them and I am sure you will agree, they are insanely good!


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