Vegan Fried Eggs and A Little Bit of Fire (Cholesterol and Cruelty Free)


Since I only went vegan when I was 30, I still get cravings for some foods I enjoyed before.  One of the most recent ones has been fried egg on toast.  I was chatting to the Vegan Bunny about this recently and she found me a recipe!  I had not long ago bought some Kala Namak (black salt) which has a sulfurous eggy smell and taste.  I used it in some tofu scramble the other day and wow…it is insane!


(This is me, so don’t expect pretty pictures of food and fancy presentation.  It would take too long, get cold and I would miss out!)

Anyway, here is a video of me cooking vegan fried eggs with the ingredients below.  Also, look out at around the 1:20 mark…..may have had a little mishap!


Ingredients: Yolk

2 tablespoons of instant mash
1 teaspoon of nutritional yeast
1 teaspoon of vegan butter/margarine
1/2 teaspoon of Kala Namak
1/4 teaspoon of Tumeric
7-9 tablespoons of hot water

Mix these together to make a sand like texture (I think next time I would add more water to get it a little softer).  Take half of the mix and put to one side for the “runny yolk” later.

Open a packet of firm silken tofu, I had never used this stuff before and didnt realise how slippery and soft it was!   It’s like a wobbly half set jelly time of pana cota type of thing.  So open it gently and use a cutter (probably better with a round one and not a jagged one like I had) to make a cylinder shape.  Then slice this into the “egg whites”.  Using a smaller cutter if you’re fancy or a spoon if you are like me, hollow out the middle for the Yolks to go in later.

Heat some oil in a pan and CAREFULLY shallow fry (I think my batch of Tofu contained petrol or something), then flip them over and add the yolks.  Let these cook a while longer.  While they are finishing up, take the remaining yolk mix and add hot water and stir until it makes a runny egg consistency.  Serve up the egg and depresses the firm yolk a little and spoon some of the runny mix in.  This will give you the breaking yolk feel.


Again, here is the link to the original recipe the Vegan Bunny found for me. Recipe here

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