Animals Feel – A cow and calf story


I wanted to share this video for a while and just came across it in my draft posts (its a mess in there full of random thoughts and half written posts).  It is a touching video of a rescued cow on a sanctuary who is calling out and leaking milk (goes to show that they don’t burst if we don’t milk them).

The owners of the sanctuary then manage to find out that she had recently given birth and is obviously calling for her young.  Cows are amazing animals and form maternal bonds so strong, like nearly all animals.  It is a touching and emotional watch.  It isn’t gory or shocking in terms of violence and abuse, but hopefully something to demonstrate that behind each glass of milk, slice of cheese, bowl of ice cream and buttered bread is, or was, a family.  A bond which was broken forcibly.  A cow and her young separated.
I was asked recently if vegans shared these sorts of films and footage to guilt trip people, my response is if you feel guilty watching it, that is down to you.  If you see this and think that it isn’t right for a family to be broken up and destroyed to satisfy a sandwich or dessert, please make the choice to buy alternatives.  If you want any help with stopping your dairy consumption and finding alternatives, please please please get in touch.  I will give you my opinions on different types and will give advice on where to buy it.

Also, you can sign up to Veganuary and get support, information and recipes emailed to you as well as join the Veganuary Facebook group (you will see me in there often as I admin there 🙂 )

Please, take a few minutes to watch this video.  Realise that is such a rare case for a cow and her young to be reunited and that millions of cows every year do not get to see their young for long and that in the UK alone 90,000 male calves are shot a few days after being born due to their lack of use for the dairy industry.


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