Bearly Baked Cake


Get it? Bearly baked…..because I’m Bear..and whatever.


There have been a couple of posts about my birthday so far with food and this is another one!  As is tradition with all work places (in the UK at least) when it is ones birthday one takes in cakes to the office/factory/wherever for all to enjoy.  So I decided I wanted to make a cake, a tasty vegan cake and show people that they can have really good stuff.  I even took a load of accidental vegan stuff such as Mr Kiplings Treacle Tart, Apple and Blackcurrant pies, Oreos, Party Rings, Bourbons etc.  But the main thing was the homemade cake.  Which I slaved over for hours and hours that morning, finding the finest ingredients for the perfect Vegan cake.  A Betty Crocker Box cake mix and a can of diet coke (watch the calories 😛 ).


(Use any excuse to get vegan foods into work where people will try them.  Showing them they can eat so much tasty stuff that they already eat will help open the door a little and break down the misconception that we only eat leaves)

I did add it as a story to my Instagram but have now put it into a video for y’all to see, I have put a soundtrack over it so you don’t have to hear my voice (one of the two reasons I don’t make videos is because of my voice….the other being my face!)

(I don’t make videos, so I know its amatuerish, but I may be brave enough to try more videos in the future…maybe)

The cake went down really well and disappeared pretty quick.  Considering it was just a cake mix and can of soda, it was really good and so simple that even I could’t fuck it up….apart from the sticky bottom on the tin.  I used the Betty Crocker frostings for the middle and the top, I would have take more time and added some chocolate buttons to the little buttercream dollops but I had to get to work.

If you have tried it, how did yours come out?  What drinks to you recommend for each flavour cake?



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