Birthday Feast – Pizza and Waffles


So I thought I would post a recent meal I had because it was for my birthday (which was Thursday…dont worry if you forgot, so did I which meant I agreed to work late that day because I’m a dumbass and at an age where I forget birthdays including my own).  Friday night my incredible fiancé ordered me a Vegan Meat Feast Pizza, chips and an accidentally vegan Belgian chocolate waffle!  Oh.  My.  God.  A full 12 inch pizza, a whole portion of chips and a Belgian chocolate waffle….which I destroyed and would do it again I tells ya!


Anyway, it was from Pizza Nation, a place I have reviewed before which you can read here but I just wanted to show you the waffles!  Also, I spoke to them and their Belgian chocolate brownies are also safe for vegans!! If I didn’t need to lose some more wobbly bits I may well have had to place an order for some next week…for research purposes only of course…for you guys.  😉


As I have said before, the pizza is one of the best I have ever had including when I was a meateater, and the price is no different to the meat options so there is no premium for being Vegan.  Get the waffle too, oh my gosh, seriously get the waffle.  It may not be marked as Vegan on the menu but I have asked them to do so, hopefully they will because it is a must try!


Just a short post as the pictures will do the talking. 🙂





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