Update – Wedding, Jobs, Roles and Exercise


Long time no see! How have you been?  Good? Good.
There has been a lot going on so I have been shit at stuff lately!   Not much posting or events, not much of anything to be honest; and that may get a little worse but I am going to be switching up my diet a little and getting some exercise in so I am hoping that will give me some additional energy and motivation.

So to the thousands….ok hundreds…fine fine, to the regular readers reader, here is some info on why I have been quiet of late.

A little update on things first, the visa process my fiancé and I are going through is taking its time….well, it’s not but the raising of money to pay for it is.  Although we are hopeful we can get the next stage started in a couple weeks.
To help with this I have managed to get a second job at Vanilla-Bean which is an app/website which has links and details to loads of restaurants with vegan options.  Not just salads or fruit, but specifically labelled vegan options.  So I will be starting that in a couple of weeks which will help with the wedding and visa stuff and is something I can do from home.  So woo!  Although it will be around 20 hours a week (on top of my full time job) but still much better than when I was working a second job at Sainsbury’s 4am-8am before work!


(Vanilla-Bean….Hang on, VB…I’m VB too!!)

On top of this I am an Admin for Veganuary on Facebook, so if you are ever on the Veganuary Facebook group you will probably see me, posting junk vegan food (for now) and chatting with new and existing vegans alike.  This is something I thoroughly enjoy and something I made a post about before (clicky) I was asked to join the Admin team.  Its a place where people come who want to go vegan or are on their way.  It’s like the most positive outreach stall ever.  Everyone is up for it and although they may join just for the month, they tend to stay for much much much longer.  Trust me, it is still busy in there now and new member requests come in daily by the bucket load.


I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I am also a moderator for a Poetry forum (where I met my beautiful fiancé) although I don’t really write much poetry anymore, I still do my modding role there and its nice to still be active in the community where I met the person who completes me.

Also, I obviously have a full time job, as an Environment/Health and Safety Officer for an automotive company making components for Motorsport (such as F1, Rally) and performance vehicles.  Which is an awesome job and an amazing place but sadly is a 45 – 60 minute commute for me each way depending on traffic.

Oh, I am actually starting a 6 week exercise bootcamp thing soon too, but I see this a preparation for the wedding, as I need to lose some of my wobbly bits!  Too much vegan junk food of late (which you will see in upcoming posts!) and I also want to be a better advert for Veganism and look healthier.  I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, drink coffee so now I need to do some fitness stuff and eventually (maybe from new years(?)) go refined sugar free (with the help from my refined sugar free by-then-will-be-wife who has been refined sugar free for around 5 years).

So if I have seemed quiet of late these are some of the reasons why.  Although I struggle to get to many activism events due to all the roles and jobs I have, I do try and get to some where I can and get posts up as they don’t take too long and can at least get some information out to people and hopefully get them thinking about veganism.
It may not be ideal, but around my current schedule (without killing myself) it is my limit at the moment.   I do talk about veganism a lot in various places when I can.  Especially at work.

I am new to the job still, having started there 3 months ago, but slowly the word got around that I was Vegan (not sure if it was the rocketing [get it? Rocketing, rocket is a salad plant…..ahh forget it] sales of hummus in the canteen that gave it away or the T-shirt with VEGAN on it?  Who knows, we can only speculate).  They also heard that I took some annual leave to attend a vigil with Devon Animal Save.  Since then I have had all sorts of comments and discussions, and to be fair they have been pretty decent ones.  Obviously the odd bacon comment and the like, but being someone who made those same jokes when I was a meat eater, I don’t get annoyed by them.  It has been really encouraging.  I always like to talk about veganism with people and have them ask questions, I am pretty laid back at the best of times and use this to my advantage and just stay calm (even in the face of comments trying to provoke) and reply openly and honestly, asking questions of my own and adjusting my approach depedning on the person.  So far it has been interesting, I have seen a couple of extra plant based milks in the fridge after a discussion with a couple of people about dairy (the evil of it and negative health benefits).
There are two Vegetarians at work who I speak to regularly who I discuss the dairy and egg industries to.  They do seem to be interested and have been making some changes too so that’s awesome too.
There is a guy who is probably someone I shouldn’t get along with at all, but I do.  He makes vegan jokes, is licensed to carry out pest control (with a firearm), has been shooting and all that stuff, but we get along (which is helpful as he is part of my H&S team) and we talk often about animals.  Recently, we were discussing a shoot he had been invited to, pheasant shooting on private land and I asked a few questions like you do and by having a calm and (so far as is possible) respectful discussion he did leave with a new outlook unable to answer a simple question I asked (I will be making a post about this at some point as it touches on a longer post I have been researching for a while) and unsure if he would be going.
I have seen a rise in the vegan options in the work canteen and have seen them selling quickly too!  Which has been a little annoying to see they are disappearing before I get them but it’s nice to see that those sales seem to be doing well (plus they way be putting a Devon Animal Save charity pot on the counter too!).
Oh and the new safety shoe range as standard in the factory is now Vegan!  No more leather shoes and boots as standard, there will be a post about the shoe we now use later on too.



Anyway, a long old ramble about a lot of nothing but I will be getting some posts up more regularly when I can squeeze them in.  Apologies for not being at many events of late, I do miss being out there and standing alongside so many amazing people, but sadly this is most probably going to continue for the foreseeable as the new second job is contracted until December which is probably around the time I will be getting married (woo!!!!).  So for now at least I will be posting stuff and talking to people as I go about my jobs.
But once the visa is done and I finally have my missing part with me, you shall be seeing us!



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