Hannah Banana Bakery – A Gift From The Vegan Bunny



Look what I had delivered today!!!  My amazing fiancé ordered me this tray of brownies from Hannah Banana Bakery.  We had seen them and they looked good and we had discussed maybe getting our wedding cake from there, it may be a little bit of a drive to Southampton, but we would fit it in with a trip to see family or just a day out.  Anyway, Bunny had ordered me the biscuit brownies or as the website calls them “Spiced Speculoos Brownie Box” and they arrived today. 

I have to say I am a sweet toothed monster and these are the best brownies I have ever eaten.  From the crust you get on a brownie where your teeth feel like they are breaking a kind of thin hardened “shell” to the moist sponge texture of a proper good brownie underneath.  With the flavour of the chocolate and the ….words will not do it justice, my pictures will not do it justice.  We have looked at them before and they had been sold out which shows you how good they must be.   The pricing I think is very reasonable.  With delivery you are looking at £17 per tray or under £15 per tray if you order two, each tray serves 6 people so that’s around £2.80(ish) per slice, delivered.  If I was in a coffee shop or bakery, I would be expecting to pay around £3-3.50 for a slice of something this good so I would not hesitate to order again.


They were delivered early this morning and came well packaged as you can see in a tray, in a box, with bubble wrap around the box in a box, so the brownies weren’t damaged or broken and even the broken biscuits on the top were still in place and hadn’t bunched up at one end.

(Check out the website here)

Hannah Banana Bakery is a 100% vegan bakery with her “about me” section also informing that she herself has been vegan for 14 years so she knows about E numbers etc and makes the majority of the decorations herself through her training with sugar craft etc.  So if you are looking for some brownies or cakes, I cannot recommend them enough.  If you can’t get to Southampton, do what Bunny did and order them to the door!  Look at the different flavours and styles on her site, they look incredible and from what I have sampled, they taste insane!!  I have been eyeing up the unicorn one and may have to treat myself at some point…purely for research obviously 😉

PicMonkey Collage-3

(Dear Sweet Unicorn in Rainbows!! This will be one I try next I think.  Anyone who knows me knows I love any sweet with Pink in it! Seriously, what are you doing go and check out Hannah Banana Bakery now!)

Hannah has a the usual social media accounts so go give her a follow on them through the following links:


Go check out her site and you really do have to try them for yourself.  I got mine this morning and I love on my own but over half is gone already!

Amazingly she also does sugar free! Which is awesome as my bunny has been refined sugar free for around 5 years.

There is also an option for gluten free!!

Enjoy, I am certain you will!

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