SAVE – The Save Movement. A Documentary by Tristan Adams


So a month or two ago, I was contacted through the Devon Animal Save Facebook page by a guy called Tristan Adams.  He was interested in making a documentary on Veganism and had seen that we had been pretty active in the area holding outreach stalls and vigils etc. and whether we would be interested in being featured and interviewed.


(Artwork for the Documentary created by Tristan Adams)

I met with Tristan and we had a chat, the original brief was focusing on “Veganism Fact or Fad” but as you will see in his comments below, this changed to focus more on The Save Movement.

Tristan joined us on an outreach stall and spoke to a few of the Devon Animal Save members who you will see in the video below.  Although himself not vegan, he was open minded and genuine with his questions.  He was also very professional with his recordings and photography and to be honest, just a really nice guy!  You can take a look at his work and get in contact with him on his site here.


(Tristan Adams)

I will let Tristan tell you about it and his reasons for making it.  It is a great documentary (although I cant help cringing at the parts I am in!) and we at Devon Animal Save are proud to be a part of it.

Words from the Creator, Tristan Adams:

I wanted to make a documentary about veganism as I saw a current trend and increase in conversation in the media about this topic. Looking at local newspapers and on social media, I found Devon Animal Save was my local vegan activist group. I met with Mark and we talked about the origins of The Save Movement and Anita Krajnc’s pig trial. After this meeting, I knew I wanted to focus my film on the story of The Save Movement. I wanted to inform people about what The Save Movement is and follow the on-going updates to Anita’s pig trial. After explaining about the movement, I planned to show interviews with Devon Animal Save members and explain what they do in our local area. During the making of this documentary, I carried out extensive research into veganism: watching documentaries, YouTube videos and reading many different articles. Although I am not vegan myself, making this film has had a direct effect on my thoughts towards food, and I have significantly reduced my intake of meat. Having met many of Devon Animal Save’s members, I can safely say they are all very welcoming, compassionate and non-judgemental. I recently attended a chicken vigil with the group in Cullompton, bearing witness to chickens on their way to slaughter. Three hours was plenty of time to see multiple trucks carrying hundreds of bird, with large numbers in visibly poor health conditions. I captured high quality images during this vigil so I could share with my friends what I experienced. I also joined in with the other activists making a ‘live’ stream video on Facebook. This was my first ever ‘live’ video and I’m sure all my friends got a notification to watch it; however I bet they all did not expect to see what I was filming. Although emotions are mixed at the time, afterwards I left feeling glad that I had attended. The Devon Animal Save group members have a unique peaceful method of activism and they worked really well with the companies boss to avoid confrontation, whilst still claiming the right to bear witness


Tristan is a local (Devon) videographer and photographer.  You can see his work and book him for events here.


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