Devon Animal Save Vigil and Protest Featuring Walk For Hope


I had a rare weekday off work today to get some Visa stuff done so thought I would get up early and get out to the Devon Animal Save vigil in Hatherliegh, Okehampton this morning.  It was grey and rainy but still we had 10 of us there.  It was the same old story with Hatherleigh which is a Dawn West site.  Drivers wouldn’t stop and in fact, sped up and swerved towards people/tried steering them into the sides.

We also had Dave and Lizzie from Walk for Hope UK with us, who are on an epic 750 mile walk, the walk begins in St Austell, Cornwall and finishes in London. Along the way they will be visiting a number of the UK’s save groups. The distance they plan to cover will be between 700-750 miles in total. They will complete the journey in three months and will end in London where they will join the Official Animal Rights March.
How awesome is that?!  You can make a donation on their just giving page here 


You can follow their progress on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Website, go check them out and give them a follow!


Sadly, I had to leave the vigil early due to getting things done but it was good to be back out there again after missing a few recently, the DAS team are such amazing people and hold themselves so well in such emotional situations and are such a credit to the movement and themselves.  While I was there for a couple of hours we saw numerous trucks going in, heard the animals crying out from the slaughterhouse and felt hopeless in not being able to stop them.  This beautiful being is no longer with us.


(Image taken from Devon Animal Save Facebook Page.  Go visit and give them a like)

Not only did the Devon Animal Save team stay longer at the Vigil, but they then went to Newton Abbot racecourse to protest the abuse and exploitation of horses for sport.  So far this season they have been present at every meet spreading the information and dangers of horse racing.  Sadly, today the worst happened.  The weather was awful, the risks were greater and a horse fell and was “put down” on the track.


(Image taken from Devon Animal Save Facebook Page.  Go visit and give them a like)

The horse’s name was Tea in Transvaal, who turned 6 in March and is now dead.  The weather was poor, the ground was soft and now because people like to gamble money on exploited animals, she’s dead.   Through greed another being has died.  I was going to suggest leaving comments on their facebook page, but they have removed their review section.  Don’t support this.

The two pictures of animals in this post are now dead.  For what reason?  Think about that deeply for a second.  A cow is dead because…….why?  Because someone somewhere wants to have a sandwich or because they want a milky coffee.  Does that make sense?  Does that seem right?  When there are so many alternatives.  Its a senseless loss of life and shows the wrongs with society.  We value our own greed and a few minutes of taste above the life of another being.  Its everything about society which leaves me shaking my head.
The same goes for Tea in Transvaal, because some people wanted to watch these horses get whipped and thrashed around an oval, she’s dead.  Again, look at that deeper and ask why a life has been taken again.  Because a few people wanted to wager whether one being was faster than another.  To watch a living being get whipped and ridden so hard in such conditions that it fell and was killed on the track.  Not only that, but then hoisted out the way so the next lot can run through.  Its sickening and disgusting.

You can stop this, you reading this can stop the suffering you can help reduce the number.  These things only happen because there is a demand.  While there is a demand for something, there will always be someone looking to supply.  You have the power to help stop the number of deaths and it will not cost you a single penny.  All you have to do is change whats in your cupboards in the kitchen, swap the items in your fridge, dont buy leather shoes and belts, don’t have a “harmless” flutter on the horses (as we know it is anything but harmless).  We all want a world of peace, we all want living beings to live.  We can make that happen.  Please, go vegan.



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