Evening of Enlightening Entertainment (Includes Free Food!)


If you are looking for an evening of Vegan food and entertainment, The Naturally Vegan Plot are hosting an Evening of Enlightening Entertainment in Plymouth.  The venue is Abbey Hall on Catherine Street (just behind St Andrews Church).   It sounds a great line up and includes free vegan food!!


Tickets are available from Ethica (Y’all know Ethica right?  If you don’t you need to get down there.  Awesome vegan store in Plymouth.  Link here to check them out) for £10.  Bargains, a tenner for an evening of entertainment and food!  So head to the event page on Facebook and let them know you will be going! 😀
It all starts at 6:30pm and goes on until 10pm, plenty of time to get home after work and get changed and head back out!

The entertainment for the evening will be:


* Much loved local entertainers, a collective of writers, musicians, seagull charmers, and professional drop-outs. Maz delivers her poignant lyrical appraisals of topical social situations on top of multi-instrument backing.

Behind the Settee

* Two of the group are gigging around the south west promoting their brand new CD/LP. Jo on Vocals and guitar, with Jack on piano. All the way from Rugby, Warwickshire fully endorsed by our very own Charlie.

* Greg on ukulele and vocals with Paula on drum, probably with a bass player. Paula will also play some of her own songs on guitar! Campfire Culture, their brand new CD has just been released.


It sounds awesome and another great event hosted by The Naturally Vegan Plot.



3 thoughts on “Evening of Enlightening Entertainment (Includes Free Food!)

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    1. 🙂 we are lucky here. But anyone can start an event. It can be big or small. Are there any vegan groups or stores near by who would be interested? You could start a small one and see how it goes 😀

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      1. I’ll check things out. This place doesn’t even seem to use the internet! And there’s no vegan shop for miles around. Fortunately, we know how to use the internet… 🙂 Of course, my sister and I have been told that we ‘don’t look like real vegans’… I wonder why.


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