UPDATE- Posts, Weddings, Visa’s and Job. (I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!)


I have so many blog posts planned and drafted and partly written but very little time of late to post them.  So for the regular readers who may wonder why there is the odd period of time with little to no activity here is why; and there is also a heads up of a few posts to come at the bottom.

As some of you may know, I am engaged to the most amazing person ever who occasionally (not often enough) guest posts on here.  Well, as she lives in the United States and is American herself, we have to go through a visa application for us to be able to get married and be together.  I am so excited to say this has now started!! But it means I have been busy with paperwork, documentation, compiling all sorts of stuff etc and also booking a wedding day!!
We have booked October 12th 2017 for our wedding day.  It has a special meaning to us so we are desperately hoping for the visa etc to be completed in time for us to be able to do what we need.


(Vegan Bear and Vegan Bunny Wedding – Made by my awesome Sister-in-law to be!  Local readers get 10 points if they can name where the picture was taken)

I am so so excited.  We have been together for a few years now, travelling back and forward between Devon and Alabama (B coming here more than I have been there).  We message and call pretty much constantly when we are both awake, but with a time difference of 6 hours that isn’t ideal.  So we are stupidly excited that in a few months we should be married and together at long last!!

I have also recently started a new job which is a longer commute from my previous.  It now takes 40 minutes rather than 5, which means I’m leaving home earlier and getting home later (thankfully my grandparents are amazing and come around every day to walk my cutie poochie and sit with her so her doesn’t get lonely).  This means that I have not had much time to do any writing in the week and weekends have been taken up with all the other things I need to do.  Sadly, any activism has not been possible either really.  But the guys and gals in Devon Animal Save have been smashing it with Vigils, Outreach etc.  I will have a post relating to my job soon, for those of you who are curious, I am an “Environment/Health and Safety Officer”.

Anyway, as I mentioned I have a few posts planned/partly written to post over the coming days/weeks if I can get them completed.  I have had some great input from various people and companies which will hopefully be informative and interesting for y’all to read.  The posts include some more local events,  a post combining my job and my lifestyle (Vegan health and safety), a documentary about the save movement feature Devon Animal Save complete with words from the maker, some more food reviews, philosophical vegan discussion and some thought/opinion pieces.  I have some other plans which I will post about soon once I free up some time and finish some of the ones I have going on but I will be looking for input/guest posts from various vegan activists and campaigners to cover various types of activism to help promote the different ways people can get involved and help the animals. 🙂

If you want to contribute to the activism series of posts I have planned please contact me either through here, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email.  (Btw I have a Facebook page and genuinely don’t know what to do with it, whether to just post links to here on there [which is what currently happens] or do some outright posts on there.  Any advice on what to do with it [polite advice 😉 ] also feel free to let me know).  If you want to give it a like it’s here.

So if you have been wondering why there has been sporadic postings and then nothing on here, that is why.  But I am hoping to get a lot written up and ready to go this weekend and start posting over the next few days! J







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