Vegan Festival of Britain – Celebration of Animal Aid


You may have read my last post about the Vegan Fete organised by The Naturally Vegan Plot which I wrote last week (if not, why not 😦 You can read it here).


(Devon Animal Save banner outside Abbey Hall)

It was this Saturday just gone and Devon Animal Save had a stall so me and Paul Seddon were there to chat to people, offer advice about veganism and how to get involved with the Save movement.  Paul was also one of the speakers that day


(Paul’s Promotional Poster)

I got there around about 9:40am once I found it (I do not know Plymouth at all well, the sat nav took me to the right road but there was more than one church on it so nearly ended up going to the wrong one).  Jim and Elaine from The Naturally Vegan Plot were working hard getting banners and posters put up, arranging things inside, talking to people and generally making sure things were set up well and were doing awesome at it.  They are also such nice people, I’d never met them before and only really spoken to Elaine through Facebook in the run up to the fete so it was great to meet them.



It was great to see so many vegans in one place, all setting up their stalls and milling around.  People putting out samples on the taster tables, putting up posters on the walls, laminating in the corner.  There was a good atmosphere in the hall.

We put our stall up, laid out some leaflets and information sheets, set up the virtual reality headsets and waited.


(The Devon Animal Save Stall – Feat. 1 x a Paul Seddon Arm)

Anyone who knows me knows I love either a freebie or something branded (mugs, key chains, pens….I’m a sucker for it) so first stop for me was to check out the free sample of soup!


(Tideford Organics amazingly yummy soup)

There was this cool little stand in the corner with pictures of vegetables and the words organic on it so being vegan I was kinda drawn straight to it.
The soup was Red Lentil, Apricot and Chilli.  I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of hot/spicy food and apricot in a soup sounded weird but my goodness it was amazing.  A little kick of chilli mixed with the sweetness of the apricot was amazing.  Reading this from their website, I am going to have to go get a few of their products and try them for a review 🙂

Eating more veg + less meat is the best thing any of us can do for our planet. So having cooked organic gluten-free food for over 20 years, we’ve taken our love of veggies to the next level. We’ve gone vegan.

Why? Because if we can make it even easier for you to cut down on meat, with our new range of irresistible vegan soups, sauces + misos, then together we could make something amazing happen.

That’s so awesome and honestly, although I have only tried the one sample, it was seriously good and worth trying if you see it in the stores.

Next to the Devon Animal Save stall was “Lucky Magpie Artworks”, their stall looked so good.  Colourful with incredible art works on, hand crafted knitwear and just so cool.  Looking at their site all the materials are ethical from biodegradable packaging, recycled card and paper and personally sourced materials.  Read more about them on their site and facebook.

(How cool does that look and some awesome art on show.  Particularly loved the Lion Fish.  Check out their site here)

OH MY GOSH!! I almost forgot about this stall that had raw, refined sugar free, soy free, GM free, Gluten free (fuck knows what is actually in it) and palm oil free vegan treats and brownies!  I joke about not knowing whats in it, but its actually made with really good stuff and tastes amazing.  The treats looked incredible and in the interest of research ( 😛 ) I bought a Raw chocolate orange brownie which was divine.

(LOOK!  So incredibly edibly scrumptious!  Check them out on Facebook here)

The only raw treats I have had apart from fruit is naked bars.  But the chocolate orange brownie was so so good.  Without all the Palm oil, GM, Refined sugar, etc it just leaves the natural ingredient flavours and its making me drool thinking of it.  I would show a picture of what I had but I was too excited and ate it before I could snap a shot!

There was this place called Enjoy Vegan Food who had a small stall but the idea looked awesome.  “Tasty, Healthy food delivered to your door Free“.  They can cater for Buffets from £7 per head which is handy to know but also have some great looking food on their menus such as: Sweet potato and chickpea curry, Aubergine curry, Lentil Bolognase, Chilli, Vegan Pasty, Burgers ect and all reasonably priced.  Well worth giving them a look up too here.


(Enjoy Vegan Food – Facebook Link)

There were so many stalls there from the likes of Ethica (If you are in Plymouth you have to go to Ethica) with great products (Managed to grab some ten acre cheese and onion crisps and nutritional yeast from their stall) to Sea Shepherd and Hunt Sabs.  There were stalls with more clothing and arts, a massage station, skin care products and alkaline diets.  It was a great range of stalls and products and knowing it was all vegan was even better.

Our Devon Animal Save Stall went well, hopefully managed to get a few extra people to join us at vigils and managed to share what we do and why we do it.  We had a few people try the virtual reality who weren’t vegan but are interested in heading that way.


All in all it was a great day, well organised, well attended and great to be around so many vegan stalls and people.  Also getting to talk to vegan curious people about the benefits of veganism was and always is rewarding.

Sadly I had to leave before the end but Paul did a speech and did incredibly.

So a massive thank you for everyone who attended and had stalls, for the speakers (Laura Wilson and Paul Seddon) and for The Naturally Vegan Plot for organising it!

Well done all!!



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