Celebration of Animal Aid Spring Vegan Fete in conjunction with the Vegan Festival of Britain


On May 27th you need to get yourself to Plymouth for the Celebration of Animal Aid Spring Vegan Fete in conjunction with the Vegan Festival of Britain organised by The Naturally Vegan Plot


It will be a great opportunity to come and meet people from the vegan community and see some great speakers including a Q&A Session on being a healthy vegan with Laura Wilson and a talk from Aspasia on Mindfulness and Veganism.  There may have been a speech from myself about Devon Animal Save, but I am genuinely petrified of public speaking so maybe another day, preferably when my fiancé is here (as I feel bulletproof when she is).   There will be raffles and I am sure there will be food samples, there always is at these things (I love a freebee!).  There will be prizes from the likes of Dragonfly Foods (who you may remember from reviews I have done), Tideford Organics, Plamil, Essential Trading, New Haven Vegan Organic, Good Full Stop, guitar lessons, Alkaline 5 Diet, and Vegan and Animal rights badges etc.

There will be will lots of stalls from food and clothing to Animal rights groups.  Devon Animal Save will be there so come and say “Hey” to us and have a chat if you are interested in what we do and if you want to get involved.  We are a friendly bunch and more than happy to talk to anyone.  There is even a totally unique art auction with art having been donated by Vegan Artists to help raise money for The Naturally Vegan Plot.

If you are Vegetarian or meat eater, come on down too, take a look around and feel free to ask questions about veganism.  The health, environmental and ethical sides of it.  If you have concerns about going vegan come down and people will happily answer them. If you aren’t sure if you could be vegan, come and chat to the people there.  Very few people have been Vegan their whole lives, so will have had the same thoughts, fears and questions.

The event has been organised by The Naturally Vegan Plot who have worked so hard and tirelessly to get this put together; and all their effort will be worth it, especially if loads of people come.  Looking at the event page, it should be a great turnout.

Take a look at the event here on Facebook and come down!  Whether you are vegan, veggie or V-Curious you will be welcomed and I am sure you will be glad you came.


The Naturally Vegan Plot is a volunteer run, land based initiative dedicated to researching edible and otherwise useful plants; whilst demonstrating Vegan Organic Horticulture, forest gardening, sustainable land use, working with nature causing the least harm, conservation, growing, promoting and supplying local health food without the use of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, animal manure or any animal derived products.  They offer involvement through courses, field trips and volunteer opportunities while also organising various vegan outreach, community and fundraising events.  They are pretty damn good!
They are a group who myself and my Vegan Bunny will be getting involved with more when she is here for sure.  We love the thought of vegan gardening and growing our own, especially in an organic and animal free way.  You definitely need to check out their facebook page here and get in touch.
If a group that does all that organises a fete, you know you want to go.  You can see the knowledge and tips you can pick up from them.


So come and say Hi, it’s at Abbey Hall, St Andrews Church, Catherine Street, Plymouth PL1 2AD and doors open at 11am.

Look forward to seeing you there!






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