Pizza Nation Vegan Pizza – Paignton


Last night I had an incredible pizza from Pizza Nation, so good I had to Blog it!  Strangely enough it was Pizza Nation where I had my last ever non vegan takeaway food.  That was over a year ago now (will put a post up about my first Vegan year at some point).

I was looking on JustEat (as you do when you’re hungry and cant really be bothered to get off the sofa) and I thought I would have a nosy and see if there were any vegan options added, one can hope after all.  They had a vegan pizza, vegan meat feast pizza and a spicy vegan pizza!  

Anyway, I placed an order and when it arrived……oh. my. god.  It was incredible.  I have had vegan pizzas at different places in the bay and ones I have made myself, but this one…..this was the most incredible pizza I’ve had.  I would say I preferred it to the old ones I had with various animals on.  The cheese wasn’t the stringing kind really but I didn’t notice that, there was cheese on it so I could taste it but it didn’t have that greasy oily puddle on the top (which i usually dabbed with kitchen towel).  It was delicious, filling but not to the point of feeling bleh or “heavy”.  The flavours and textures were incredible, I think due to not having the whole thing covered in cheese it freed up the space for the onions and peppers to get a look in.

The pizzas on offer are as follows:

Vegan Pizza

Tomato base, mozzarella (style), vegan cheese, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, mixed peppers, oregano & extra virgin olive oil (Vegetarian,
Vegan, Halal)





Vegan Meat Pizza

Tomato base, mozzarella (style), vegan cheese, vegan chicken, vegan mince OR meat, red onions, mixed peppers & mixed herbs (Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal)





Hot & Spicy Vegan Pizza

Hot chilli base, mozzarella (style) vegan chorizo, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, mixed peppers & extra virgin olive oil (Vegetarian,
Vegan, Hot, Halal)





Create Your Own Vegan Pizza

Choose 4 vegan toppings
Choose your base: tomato, BBQ, hot chilli, sweet chilli, garlic, hoisin OR curry (Vegetarian,Vegan, Halal)





I went with the meat pizza and writing this now in the morning is making my mouth water because it was so good.  Not only that, but they actually deliver when they say they will with it piping hot.

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It is so encouraging to see places offering vegan options.  It makes it less scary or alien to people and helps break those myths of Vegans eating grass.  Those who know me know I rarely eat anything green, so grass and salad are things I wouldn’t be able to live off, just yet (although I do plan to go healthier in the future when my good lady is here).

Being able to order a takeaway and have it delivered, to have something so convenient and tasty is such a positive step.  Lots of people I have spoken to say they would miss their take away nights if they went vegan, but along with Chinese and Indian they can now have Pizza!  This just shows that the rising number of vegans is making a difference.  Sainsburys and Tesco have their own brand vegan alternatives; Asda is working with the Vegan Society to label their products.  This is all down to the amazing growth in veganism, from individuals making a collective.




In no way was this review paid for or given in return for free food, sadly 😀  But I will happily accept any free food going!! 😀 😀 Check them out and make sure to leave a review thanking them for vegan options.

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  1. This looks awesome! If I’m ever in the area I’m definitely going to check these guys out, thanks for sharing 🙂



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