Guest Post – My Introduction to Veganism


My first guest poster has kindly written the below and hopefully they will come back and post again.


Guest Poster

When I was in my teens, I did that dance with an eating disorder that far too many are familiar with themselves. Somewhere around here I dabbled with vegetarianism and plant-based diets, partially as a way to maintain some semblance of that control an eating disorder gave and because my older sister had been vegetarian for years and I enjoyed the food.

Over time I found myself consuming the standard American TOXIC diet again, of suffering, cholesterol and an ever-expanding waistband. In fact, underweight 5’9 me, ballooned to a 160lbs in a very short amount of time. Of course, 160lbs is by no means big, but for my frame and my typical size, it wasn’t healthy; especially considering the brevity of accruing 40+ additional pounds of fat. I suddenly became hyper-aware of my health, my body and what exactly I was putting into it.

Over the next few years I’d change my diet to many extremes, in attempt to regain the health and vitality someone in their late teens, early twenties should have.
At the beginning of 2016, I was watching documentaries on Netflix. I don’t know that there was one in particular that suddenly woke me up, but rather an accumulation of the information in them along with YouTube videos by vegan activists that shook me.

Some of the Documentaries watched

It was jarring, seeing pigs being abused by factory workers and cows having their udders attached to machines that caused excruciating infection from the pressure and chafing; I saw calves crying for their mothers and the mother’s looking helpless; I saw once lively baby chicks being macerated into pink pulp. It made me nauseous, angry, confused. I think what was more bothersome than the lies pushed in advertisement and on the packaging, was the fact I allowed myself to be lied to.
I felt so much guilt that I’d ever contributed to this non-stop torture and cycle of breeding and death, that it was overwhelming.

But, as a result I immediately dove into veganism. It happened overnight — I don’t know that you can see those things and feel anything other than the urgency to end all ties to it. I wasn’t merely plant-based, this was ethical but the health benefits were absolutely appealing as well. I began putting seeds in my sister’s and fiance’s ear about veganism, but I still didn’t have the passion or confidence or even desire (as I love them) to hound them about being vegan. But both sought more information on their own, and both became vegan. My sister’s partner is now vegan as well.

And my fiance, just so happens to be the man running this blog that started Devon Animal Save and regularly talks to non-vegans at their stalls about veganism. It really is a ripple effect that could heal a dying planet.


The Vegan Bunny and Vegan Bear 

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