Warrens Bakery – Vegan Pasty


So, the other day someone at work told me Warrens Bakery had brought out a couple of Vegan pasties.  I loooooove a pasty, cant beat a good pasty.  When I was a kid me and my dad were in Cornwall and went around about 6/7 different bakeries just gorging on them.  Since being vegan, the closest I have come to a pasty is the ones in Holland and Barrett, the Steakless slice and stuff.  Dont get me wrong, they are nice.  But you can’t beat one ready baked and still warm from a bakery.


I went for a job interview and on my way back I passed a service station and saw they had a Warrens Bakery so I pulled in and thought I would see what they had.  I saw Vegan Thai Green Pasty.  I was a little unsure, as it had the “G” word in the title and thought it could be heavy on the veg but remembering the Vegan Thai Green Curry I reviewed for Dragonfly Foods (which can be found here) I thought i would give it a go.
At the counter I asked for the Vegan pasty and the woman serving told me that it was delicious and one of her favourites, she was quick to add she wasnt vegan (heaven forbid 😛  ) but she said it was really good, something her colleague confirmed.  

I was super excited, honestly its crazy how such seemingly little things can excite you when you’re vegan.  But a big chain of bakeries offering a vegan option is good stuff to vegans.  It makes it more accessible, it makes it less “freaky”, it helps show non vegans that you can still have pasties and other food and it also means I can pull in to a service station when I’m working and get something warm to munch on!

I waited till I got back to my office to give it a taste and I’m glad the office was empty.  Anyone walking by or in when I took a bite would’ve thought I was up to something I shouldn’t be!  It was amazing.  Honestly, even if you are not vegan, you have to try this pasty. Its pastry is like any bakery pasty, its firm but flaky, a good crust and the filling……seriously words would not do it justice.  I thought maybe because I havent had a bakery pasty for a while I was being a little bit swayed, so I tried another one….and another…ahem and another.  I can confirm all of them have been amazing.  The filling is creamy and fills you up without leaving you bloated.  It doesn’t have a greasy feel and no chewy meaty pieces which can be found in most meat pasties.


(I cannot recommend this pasty enough, seriously, go try one!)

I have since had my mum and her partner try one.  They both loved it.  My mum usually wont eat bakery items as she finds them greasy or gristley.  But she said it was the best pasty she’s had.

But the ultimate test for me was to get my dad to try to see what he thought.  His words were:
“The pasties were delicious.  Pastry and filling.  Lots of filling too!”


I have also tried the Fiery Mexican Pasty, but that will need a separate post (and I may need to try another one for research 😉 ).


If you are in town or see a Warrens Bakery at a service station, then i recommend you get yourself one and taste for yourself.  Unless you live in Devon, in which case, STOP!  Every time I go to a Warrens they seem to sell out! Seriously, I went to Paignton and Torquay the other day and both had sold out!  I think Warrens need to take note and maybe drop some of their other offerings and boost the Vegan ones 😉


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