Looking Forward to Seeing People Stop Buying Eggs! No More Free Range


Hopefully egg buyers are aware that currently due to the fear of avian flu, farmers have been ordered to house their chickens inside (since 6th December 2016).  So currently the whole “free range” eggs and chicken label is not true.  From Pancake day, a day where the UK consumes roughly 52 million eggs, it will be 12 weeks since the order was made.  Under EU rules the eggs from these birds cannot be called free range.

Considering every person I speak to about eggs tells me they buy only Free Range eggs because they claim to care about the animals, I wonder if they will now stop buying eggs for the foreseeable future?  

From today, you should see boxes of eggs with stickers informing you that the chickens are no longer free range.  So knowing this are you still going to eat them?  The price is going to stay the same.

If you are looking for some egg replacers here is a chart you can use:


(People think being Vegan is limiting, but look at the options we have for eggs!!)

If you are looking for a tasty recipe for Pancakes this evening you can follow this recipe from M&S:

(Yummy Vegan Pancake/Crepes Recipe)

There are alternatives to egg.  The egg industry is cruel and unkind.  For those of you who aren’t aware, male chicks don’t lay eggs so are useless to the egg industry.  So to deal with this “waste” product they will either be suffocated or ground up alive in a maceration machine (see below).


(One of the RSPCA approved methods for “disposing of waste products” in the Egg Industry)

So, my question to those who only eat Free Range eggs, what are you going to do?  If you don’t believe chickens should be kept indoors because its cruel, will you still buy them or maybe try an alternative and stop limiting your food choices?

If you have any egg dishes you think you would miss, let me know and I will pass you a recipe.



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