Smash the Piglets head with a Hammer – Warning: Contains Graphic Scenes Towards the End


Quite a harsh sounding blog post this I know.  I was looking at the Humane Slaughter Association website (there’s that Oxymoron again which I have covered before here ) and saw a section on “External Trauma”.  This is an “emergency” way of humanely killing Lambs, Piglets and Kids.  I will post the screenshot below, but I want to type it out as well because sometimes when we read from a picture we can scan it and not really take it in, so I want people to actually read what it says in the HUMANE SLAUGHTER ASSOCIATION guide.


(Such sweet, loving, beautiful animals who do no harm to anyone)

“Infant lambs, kids and piglets can be humanely killed by delivering a heavy blow to the head.  This must only be used if no other method is immediately available.

There are two variations of this method:

  1. Hold the animal by the back legs and deliver a firm blow to the back of the head with a blunt instrument, e.g. an iron bar or hammer.
  2. Hold the animal by the back of the legs and swing it through an arc to hit the back of its head with considerable force against a solid object, e.g. a brick wall or metal stanchion

With both methods it is essential that the blow is delivered swiftly, firmly and with absolute determination.  If there is any doubt that the animal has not been killed effectively, the blow should be immediately repeated.

Death should be ensured by bleeding the animal by cutting the throat from ear to ear to sever both carotid arteries and both jugular veins.

An alternative method is to insert the knife into the base of the neck towards the entrance of the chest to sever all the major blood vessels where they emerge from the heart.”

This is then accompanied by a video showing how to do this.

Yep, they show a video of someone smashing the back of an animal’s head with bars and swinging them against brick walls.  The animals are already dead when they do this, but still, it is hard to watch and even harder knowing that this happens to sweet beautiful animals who are alive.

If you are Vegan, I would say skip the video.
If you aren’t I would insist that you watch it.  You watch the animals getting beaten and thrown around and you imagine them alive fighting against it with every ounce of strength they can muster.
Vegans do not contribute to these practices and I don’t care whether you eat free range, organic, grass fed or cuddled animals; by consuming meat you fund the very things you will see.

(Tell me, would you consider this a humane way to euthanise a dog or cat?)

What this all comes back to is there can be no humane way to kill any living being who wants to live.  Now, I have heard responses to that sentence such as

“How do you know they want to live?”

I shit you not, I was actually asked that.  It shows the lengths some people will go to to try and justify why they eat meat.  Just because an animal cannot “speak” the same language as us to tell us “Please don’t kill me” does not mean it consents to its death.  The same way silence isn’t consent.  Someone not saying no does not mean yes.

The Humane Slaughter Association, who are they?

According to their website :

“The HSA is an independent registered charity. It is the only UK charity concerned exclusively in promoting the humane treatment of all food animals worldwide, including cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, fish and minority species such as deer, in markets, during transport, at slaughter, and killing for welfare reasons and disease control.”

Humane treatment such as swinging an animal through the air by their legs until their head hits a brick wall.


(These are the animals which can be humanely killed by beating their skulls with hammers and iron bars, or be swung by their legs against brick walls)

Imagine you go to the vet, your dog or cat is sick and the vet says:

“I’m so sorry, your loving pet is really sick and there is no cure, they are in discomfort.  I suggest what is best is to put them to sleep.”

You wipe a tear from your eye, look loving at your beloved family member, remembering times they nuzzled up to you, or times they were cheeky and chewed your favourite trainer.  You touch their head and kiss them between the eyes and look at them, whispering how precious they are, how much you love them and how much better your life was with them in it.  You look to the vet and nod, asking them.

“Ok.  But, will you put them to sleep humanely?”

The vet visible touched from your kindness to your little furbaby, nods and touches your shoulder lightly.  “Of course, I will use a humane method”

You step back, not wanting to leave and watch as the vet softly strokes your little friend before picking them up by the back legs and smashing its head against the wall.  But this merely leaves the animal shaken and yelping, their legs desperately kicking. the vet reaches for a hammer. repeatedly smashes it down on the back of their head.
After this, they stand and look at you, whispering “Its ok, they are in a better place now and it was done humanely” their touch leaving reddened finger prints of blood and fur on your shoulder.

You would go fucking mental wouldn’t you?  You would need to be restrained from trying to fight them, to stop them doing something so barbaric.
But yet, this is the Humane Slaughter Associations (a charity for animal welfare!) method for emergency  slaughter by external trauma.  I know it says it is a last resort but still, anything where the last resort is to twat them with a hammer is bullshit and needs to be stopped.

When you see packaging or advertising with “HUMANE MEAT” written on it, just remember what HUMANE means to that industry.  There can be no method which takes the life of another without their consent humanely.
If you read regularly, you will know I go to slaughterhouses, I see the animals before they get to the killing floor.  They know they are heading to something bad, they sense it and feel it and they fight.  They cry and they buck and they refuse to get off the wagons.  I have stroked the face of a cow mere moments before it received a bolt to the head and its throat slit.  I saw the fear in their eyes through the clouded tears that built in mine.  Their scent remained on my finger tips longer than their life lasted after that moment.  They didn’t want to die, they didn’t deserve to die.

Don’t be a part of such an industry.  99% of people would agree that cracking a babies head against a wall is not humane, I know the majority of meat eaters are good people at heart and don’t want to harm others, so make a change.  Be the person you know you can be.  In a world where humans have so much choice and freedom, choose kindness, choose love and compassion.  Choose to refuse from contributing to such evil acts.
I was the worst meat eater going, for 30 years I ate meat and dairy.  I took the piss out of Vegans and made the same arguments.  I have been on the other side and argued every possible point I could until I realised, I wasn’t just arguing for me to eat a steak, I was arguing for animals to be killed.  It shocked me, it made me feel disgusted.  It is a hard thing to admit, to realise that all those years I had been advocating cruelty and harm to the animals I claimed to love.  I fought against peace and love and compassion.  I fought for pain, suffering and death.  I truly did feel I was an animal lover, until it dawned on me that could I claim to love them when I paid for others to kill them?  The hypocrisy of it didn’t sit well with me, I could no longer argue for it, especially when there is so many alternatives and benefits from not consuming animal products.  The health and environmental benefits are incredible.  I couldn’t and can’t justify taste being more important than the life of another.
This is why I know that anyone can go vegan.  Think about things open minded, research, watch documentaries and learn about where your food comes from and the damage it does to you, the planet and the animals.

Below is the screen shot from the HSA website.


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  1. Just about had enough of reading these atrocities just so that people can eat dead animals. I am vegan and proud to be. I don’t eat animals because my body isn’t a grave yard. This has to stop!!!

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