Devon Animal Save – In The Plymouth Herald


If you follow Devon Animal Save on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc you will see we are stepping up the number of outreach events we do aiming for 3 per week.   These take place in Torquay, Exeter and Plymouth.  We hold a mixture of Stalls, VR demos, Earthlings Experiences and “1 Minute Challenge’s”.  

A couple of weeks ago, we were holding a 1 minute challenge in Plymouth by Drakes Circus where we had a laptop showing the Exposed 2016 footage (compiled by Chris Hines, a Devon Animal Save Organiser) with signs asking people to take our challenge.  The challenge is to watch the footage for 1 minute and see where the food they buy comes from.  The footage shows the way animals are kept, transported and slaughtered.  All the footage is from UK farms and slaughterhouses taken in 2016.  In exchange for watching the footage, we offer them a vegan cookie and some information in how they can make changes to their lifestyle to prevent the need for this to happen.

At this particular event we had a guy from the Plymouth Herald come and see us, take some pictures and had a chat.

Below shows the piece which was published in the paper.  I am very proud of the members of Devon Animal Save, all of them, whether they give an hour a month or attend every event, they all make such a difference and have helped Devon Animal Save grow more and more and in turn, helped others adopt a vegan lifestyle or at least consider their consumer choices.


(Some of the Members of Devon Animal Save in the Plymouth Herald.  Paul, Max, Ross, Torii and ME!!)

If you want to get involved, we have teams in Plymouth, Exeter and Torbay who you can join in with or if you are in other areas, we are always looking to increase our presence and start new teams in new areas.  All areas are cross supportive and will join each other as and when they can.

Or if you are not in Devon, the Save Movement have groups all over the UK, Europe, Canada, USA and Australia which can be seen here
If you can’t find somewhere close to you, you can always start your own group with incredible support from all the other groups, it really is easy to do, if I can do it, anyone can. You can do that here 

Notice – Devon Animal Save do not support buying animals from slaughterhouses or farmers as this perpetuates the thinking that animals are commodities. Nor are we Animal Welfare Campaigners. We fight for abolition. 

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