Dragonfly Foods – Thai Green Curry


As I mentioned in a previous post, the awesome people at Dragonfly Foods hooked me up with some free samples to try. I have tried a few of their products now but haven’t had time to get any posts up. The first product I tried was the Thai Green Curry Tofupot. I’ve never had Thai green curry before so can’t really compare it with anything and if I’m honest, the whole green part was probably a reason for that. I’m not a huge veggie lover.

Anyway, I thought as it had the shortest date on it I would give it a go. 












(Organic healthy ingredients)

As you can see from the ingredients and cooking instructions its a simple to prepare dish with great ingredients.  I will be the first to admit, i am not a food blogger, I don’t have the fancy presentation skills or inclination to make masterpieces so this is ideal for me.

Anyway, I chose the hob method as I’m not a huge fan of microwaving food so….











(Once heated the sauce starts looking good and smelling amazeballs!)

It smelled amazing as it was cooking and looked better than i thought it would for something called “Green”.  I never really have tofu other than scramble so i was interested to see how it tasted.

I am not the healthiest eater, other than being vegan so i had some par-baked baguette and BBQ crisps.












(Told you I don’t do presentation!!)

This was my first ever Thai Green Curry and my first ever Dragonfly Foods product and i was massively impressed.  It tasted amazing, smelt so good and was easy to cook.  If you microwave it, it would be ideal for work and leaves you with a great reusable pot to use for other things.

I would definitely have this again and will do.  Out of ten, i would give this an 8!  (which worries me as this sets the bar high for the rest of the food).  Go out and try it yourself and let me know what you think.





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