Dragonfly Foods – Lots of Product Reviews Coming Soon!


So, the other day I came across a brand of vegan burgers and “soysages”which straight away piqued my interest as I love a good burger and also a pun!  I was looking around their website and I saw they were based in Devon, I’m based in Devon…..it was meant to be! 

I took a look at their product range and it sounded amazing so I got in touch with them in regards to where I could buy their products as I’d love to support a local business catering to vegans!  They not only told me that Holland and Barrett, Indy health shops and other retailers sell their products but as I was in Devon, offered me some free samples. πŸ˜€ Anyone who knows me knows I looooove a freebee. Whether it’s a branded pen or a free burger so I was well up for that. 
Anyway, I have now picked up the samples from their place in buckfastkeigh and will be reviewing them as and when I eat them πŸ™‚ looking forward to this as it’s not something I really do and I never imagined I’d be given free food to try so I’m a happy Vegan Bear right now.  I’m also a little nervous as I will be 100% honest and I know out of the products they do, there will be some or at least one I won’t enjoy because I can be quite picky. 

I will try not to spam with just reviews and will pack in other posts between them to break it up a little. Also, if you’ve read my blog before you will know I’m not fancy or posh, so don’t expect crazy presentation or anything. We are talking soysage sarnie here or fry up πŸ™‚ 

If you want to check out their site in the meantime it’s http://www.dragonflyfoods.com 


2 thoughts on “Dragonfly Foods – Lots of Product Reviews Coming Soon!

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  1. Did you get me any tofu? Bet you didn’t! I buy their organic tofu. Is the best!! Not soooo keen on their tofu burgers, though. Will be watching to see if the vegan junk food king approves… πŸ™‚

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