My Guest Post on The Mum Diaries



Jaymee at The Mum Diaries is taking part in Veganuary because all the cool people are Vegan, and is publishing several posts throughout the month from people taking part or are already Vegan.

My guest post is broken down into two parts, the first is about me and how/why I went vegan, the second will be about why I started Devon Animal Save and what we do there.

Please take a read and subscribe to read more people’s stories and follow their journey.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s posts about Veganuary (click here to read), it is so encouraging to read other people’s stories and experiences, it shows how Veganism is growing and becoming more “normal”.  It isn’t such a weird and random thing.  Plus, you can always learn stuff too, if you have been vegan for a while you may have a routine and set list of things you buy or eat etc. in your mind, but the newbies will be looking at a lot of things too and may discover newly vegan/accidentally vegan options!  It’s awesome, like having a little scouting party!  Go read and follow, support and encourage because with the support and encouragement they may remain vegan and from there they could become activists and help spread the message wider.


Go read Jaymees blog and please subscribe!







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