Veganuary Awesomeness


So it is now 4 days into January and I have been loving reading so many posts on social media about people not only sticking to, but enjoying , Veganuary.

The Veganuary group on facebook is an awesome place to go, whether you are a vegan of 30+ years or just started on the journey.  The way I see it is like holding an outreach stall where every person who shows up wants to be vegan.  It is so encouraging and really good for the soul to be able to help and answer questions for people who may have preconceived ideas of what veganism is (understandable considering the memes and myths which fly around).  It is also amazing to learn things which I didn’t know too.  I am finding out more foods and accidentally vegan items from looking through the group as well as some incredible recipes which have had my mouth watering.


Veganuary has had over 50,000 people sign up! FIFTY THOUSAND!! That’s incredible.  The best way to keep those 50,000 people on the journey is to support them and encourage them.  Show them all the amazing things they can have, the places they can go, the beauty products they can use, the cleaning products they can use.  Its an opportunity to break down the stereotypes of angry preachy vegans and show them how supportive and passionate we are about the animals, health and the environment.
If you are on facebook, I recommend you get yourself over to Veganuary and start chipping in with encouragement and advice, also I guarantee it is good for you to see the enthusiasm of people thriving on a plant based diet and asking more questions about long term and other areas such as clothing etc.

There is a Hot Topics section which covers the contentious issues which can escalate into arguments such as Honey, Back yard eggs, pets etc etc.  So those topics can be avoided and the mod/admin team do an awesome job of keeping things on track and friendly.

There is also amazing tips on how to read labels quicker in supermarkets, live streams of support and even how to make the perfect cuppa with the various milks.  It is an incredible source of information and support and helps make the transition so much easier.

If you are not vegan and are interested, it isn’t too late to sign up, go to to sign up now!  Go on do it!  Think of all the amazing support you will get and the others you can share the experience with.

If you are already taking part in Veganuary and would like to share your experience so far or took part in a previous year and have stuck at it please feel free to contact me as I would love to hear from you and if you are up for it, we can arrange some guest posts to share with others!  You can contact me on here, Twitter or Instagram 

Cheers and keep on going!



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