Devon Animal Save – Okehampton Slaughterhouse Vigil 19th December 2016 (A Personal Account)


You see them seeing you.  It’s not a fleeting glance, but a prolonged stare, they hold eye contact which is an experience I try (but ultimately fail) to put into words.  They look at you and you can see them wanting to be anywhere else, pleading with their eyes for you to help them.  You try and not add to their stress, you try to stay strong, but the tears fall anyway.  Your breath catches in your throat as you hold their eyes and the wagon pulls away and they are backed up to the unloading dock.  You see their final steps, laboured and reluctant.  After a slight pause where you feel you have regained some composure, you hear their panicked and frightened cries before the deathly silence which brings the tears flooding right back.


(The eyes of a being who doesn’t want to die being driven to their death)

I genuinely sob at vigils, I’m not too proud to admit that.  Although it’s a short moment when you make eye contact and a connection with the animal, it stays with you.  Writing this now it brings it all back, the faces, the eyes, the connection, the fear…..and for what?  So someone somewhere can have a sandwich which will be forgotten about by the time they wash the knife they used to butter the bread?  For a dash of milk to go into their coffee?  The people that create the deaths of these beautiful animals will never see their faces, will never watch them led to their deaths and will never hear their last terrified cries…..until the Save Movement brought vigils into play.

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Please, watch the below video of a slaughterhouse in Okehampton where in the 4 hours we were there, we saw circa 200 cows make their final journey before being murdered.  If this affects you in anyway, please make the conscious choice to go vegan; to stop contributing to the unnecessary deaths of billions of beautiful, smart, sentient beings every year.  Consumers hold the key to change.  The world is run on money and power.  They may have the money to try and force power through advertising, misinformation, blatant lies and silencing of new studies but as consumers we have the ultimate power in that as a whole we can change things.  We can be the voice which is heard above all others.

(Devon Animal Save Vigil 19th December.  Recorded, Edited and Posted by Chris Hines

Please, go Vegan.

Try it for January with Veganuary   They are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and probably more!

You can contact Devon Animal Save  or indeed any Save Group who will happily help and support you.  To find your nearest save group check out the list here.

Or you can contact me through here or the other usual social media’s @The_Vegan_Bear




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    1. Thank you for commenting. It seems to be growing more as a movement with over 80 groups worldwide and roughly 30 in the UK alone. With the rise of veganism i find people also then want to spread the message too which gains members.


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