Battery Hen Welfare Trust -Just Don’t

I have seen a couple of posts on social media about buying battery hens for something like a pound each.  This stops the hens from going to slaughter as they “reach the end of their use”.

Initially, when I saw these posts I wanted to raid my bank account and save as many hens as possible but this just perpetuates the thinking that animals are commodities to be bought and sold.  

Looking at the Battery Hen Welfare Trust website, they ask for a donation of £5 per hen.  Now, to save a life for £5 seems a no brainer still, although its much easier to not eat animals as that will save many more lives.  But anyway, “In 2002, British farmers made just 3p per chicken. By 2005 that had fallen to 1.9p. Of the average £1.20 they get when selling the bird, all the rest goes on the cost of growing the bird, slaughtering it, disposing of the waste and transporting it”

So if Farmers are making just a few pence per chicken if it goes to slaughter, no wonder they want to prey on the compassion of people and draw them in.  They pocket the money, dont have to pay to transport, slaughter or dispose of the chicken.
You may be thinking that  “Oh but the money doesn’t go to the farmer, it goes to the Welfare Trust”.

hens “……what we have to pay the farmers…..”

If the Trust really cared for the chickens, don’t you think they would be Vegan? Or would despise the egg and chicken industry?

hens1 FFS “We are proud to say we are staunch supporters of the British Egg industry…..”

What.  The.  Actual.  Fuck.  How can you be a support of the industry which contributes to the suffering of animals you are trying to rehome?!  That would be like the RSPCA putting their logo on meat and eggs…..oh fuck, they do.  How can any charity support industries which contribute to the suffering of the very animals they are trying to help?

They even admit that the egg industry is basically torture for animals…


“But they are proud to be staunch supporters of this industry?!!?”

If you are tempted to save the lives of chickens, go Vegan.  Become an activist.  Spread the message of the cruelty to animals.  There are ways to liberate animals by negotiating with farmers to give up the animals for free or umm other methods I couldn’t possible endorse in a public setting.

If you are vegan and are looking at buying chickens from these sorts of schemes just take a look at the corporate partners and ask yourself if you want to contribute to something they are partners with.


“The Happy Egg Co…..really?”

If you want to save the lives of animals, don’t eat them.  Don’t eat anything from them.  Don’t wear them.  Don’t wear anything tested on them.  If you do that and want to save more, become an activist.  Join outreach stalls, educate others, share social media posts, join save groups, join sab groups…..there are so many ways to save animal lives rather than paying money to the industries that kill them.   Please, as hard as it is, don’t give in and be held to ransom by these companies.  They will try and guilt you into buying the animals.  If they cared about them, they would give them away.  If they really cared about them, they would campaign to stop the meat and egg industry.  The money just gets moved around and will end up with the farmers who can then buy more chickens to increase their production knowing that they can sell them on when they are of no use to them anymore.
Animals are not products.  They are not commodities to be bought and sold.  They are not figures on a balance sheet to calculate into profit and loss.  To me, thats all these welfare trusts seem to be.  An extension of the egg industry, a way to balance the book and offset losses.

Go vegan.  Become an activist.  Save lives.



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