Devon Animal Save First Vigil

Devon Animal Save will be holding their first Slaughterhouse Vigil on Monday 24th October.


Join us on Monday 24th October for the first Devon Animal Save Vigil!

We are inspired by Manchester Pig Save, Toronto Pig Save, and the whole Save Movement.

The Save Movement is comprised of groups around the world who bear witness of pigs, cows, chickens and other farmed animals en route to slaughter.

Our goals are to raise awareness and shine a light on the place that society wants us to ignore.
We will bear witness to the cows and sheep as they arrive at the slaughterhouse. We will be there for the animals and I hope they will sense our love for them and perhaps take some small comfort in that.

Please support us, take the action and speak up for the voiceless!!

We are starting at 7:00 as the most trucks are arriving early morning.

If you are apprehensive about attending your first vigil, message us and we will explain everything it entails.

We will all support each other on the day.

Anita Kranjc, co-founder of Toronto Pig Save, inspiring save movements across the globe, says ‘everyone has an absolute duty to bear witness. It’s not something some activists chose to do. It’s an obligation. When there is gross injustice and suffering of other beings we have a duty to be there and try to help.’

If anyone would like to attend but can’t get the transport, please post in the event as there are people coming from many different areas who may be able to offer you a lift. 🙂

For however long you can manage we appreciate your support!

 Hope to see you there! 🙂


The Save Movement is growing and growing.  If you are interested in joining please take a look for your nearest group here and if there isn’t one, start your own.  If I can do it, anyone can.  For any information, advice or just a chat please feel free to contact me.

Facebook: DevonAnimalSave  or The_Vegan_Bear
Twitter: DevonAnimalSave  or The_Vegan_Bear
Instagram: DevonAnimalSave or The_Vegan_Bear


One thought on “Devon Animal Save First Vigil

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  1. It broke my heart to see t
    What the human race does to the animal I was crying and can’t stop thinking about what I read and the pictures I saw in the name of god I am saying sorry I know man kind need to eat meat please help us to find a better way that’s safe and peaceful for animals and mankind


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