Earthling Experience Makes The Paper



On Saturday, we at Devon Animal Save held an Earthlings Experience in Torquay town.  We had our masks, dressed in black and devices charged.  We weren’t really sure what to expect.  Whether people would be hostile towards seeing the images we were showing?  Would they be supportive?  Would they make a connection and question their consumer choices?


Firstly, for those who maybe aren’t aware of what the Earthlings Experience is, this is where a group of people stand in a public place, dressed in black with plain white expressionless mask.  They then hold laptops and tablets showing the Earthlings documentary (or other slaughterhouse footage videos).  Some will stand holding signs warning of graphic content and information about what is going on and a one or two will hover around to ask and answer questions and take pictures/videos of interviews etc



It started relatively slow.  A mixture between uncertainty of what was going on and no one else watching meant that waves of people passed by with a cursory glance but nothing more.  Then one or two would stop and look.  Ask a question or make a comment.  It was encouraging and we managed to video a couple of interviews with people, including a little dude called Zack.

Below is a video of the day.  Some wise words from the young legend.


All in all, it was a good day.  It isn’t always easy just standing there and not responding when you hear some of the daft things some people say.  But I feel what we did made a difference and had an effect, so much so that it even made the local paper.  img_3259

To take a look at the article,  Click here


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