Yummy Vegan Pizza


I don’t usually post food pictures and stuff because all the vegan food posts I see show amazing colours and incredibly healthy plates and awesome presentation and I’m much too lazy and, well, I like junk food 😀

But then I thought I can’t be the only lazy, junky vegan.  I am vegan for the animals first and foremost and I would love to be super healthy and eat all the colours and smoothie bowls etc because they look incredible and the people who eat them all look real healthy and trim, but i like my junk food too much right now.  Although i will be getting healthier as I go, i have already cut out a lot of the other vegan junk food i ate, so little steps 😀

Anyway, for those who are maybe new to being vegan and miss the old foods they ate before or for those who are looking for something junkier, I will post some of the stuff Junk Vegans eat 😀

To make the Cheese, BBQ chicken and sausage pizza, you will need:

Pizza base (I use either Sainsbury’s chilled pizza basses or their sachet packet you add water to and make your own)

Tomato puree for the sauce

Violife Pizza Cheese (grated)

Quorn Vegan Pieces

Fry’s hotdogs

Sweet baby Ray’s BBQ sauce


I have also used mock pepperoni which is super yummy but I didn’t have any in the fridge when I made this.  You can obviously also add veggies and mushrooms etc.

First, I take my pizza base (I have some in the freezer as I buy a few at a time) and let it thaw…..like bread this only takes a few minutes and by the time you have prepared the rest it will be ready to go.Pizza Base(If you buy ready-made bases and put them in the freezer, it’s even lazier and much easier, although the home-made bases are hard to beat!)

Second, I take some Quorn Vegan Pieces and squirt a little Sweet Baby Ray BBQ sauce to create a kind of BBQ Chicken and put this in the microwave for about a  minute just to thaw it enough to take on the flavour of the sauce.

SBR QVP(Mmmm Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce……mmmm)

One of the things I didn’t think I would find when I went vegan, was a melty cheese.  One that would actually melt and be stringy.  I tried some and they seemed to melt but keep their form then harden into something resembling soft plastic.  But then I saw Violife Pizza Cheese…..I bought it from Holland and Barrett but you can probably get it from other places or online.  I haven’t tried other brands yet, but this works for me.  Grate a good amount of this (i tend to fill a Tupperware box and leave it in the fridge).


Take a Fry’s Hot Dog (i got these from Holland and Barrett also, and will be doing a stand alone post on the amazingness of Fry’s Family food).  From frozen, they can be nuked in the microwave for a couple of minutes then sliced into little pieces.


(i know it looks a little sad and pathetic but it’s good, trust me)

We are ready to take it to the base!
Squirt some tomato puree over the base and spread it all over.


(Base all thawed and spread with Puree)

Now load that MoFo with some cheese, BBQ “chicken” pieces and hot dog; stick it in the oven as per the packaging of your pizza base, for me it was Gas Mark 7 for 10-15 minutes I think)

(Mmmm I know there are veggies and stuff missing, but you can add that to yours!)

Then comes the hardest part……….Waiting.


(I don’t have a watch, but you get the idea)

Followed by the second best part!  Slicing it up and seeing the cheese melt and stick to the pizza cutter. Mmmmmm.

(It looks, smells and tastes amazing)

And the true test of a good pizza is, does my Pooch approve?


I think she does.  Lip lickingly delicious!



It even strings like cheese.  😀

I know its kind of an idiots guide to making pizza, but I wanted to show how quick and easy it is to make something that looks and tastes like a “normal” pizza (if you can call “normal”, pus soaked corpse bread).  No suffering (apart from my pooch giving me those big eyes and sad look as if her has never been fed!) and no cholesterol.  If you try it, let me know how you got on.

I don’t think my next foods will be as step my step as we probably only care about what the ingredients are and how it looks when it’s cooked.

Next up I think will be a burger and chips!  Keeping it lazy and tasty.



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