Devon Animal Save – Torquay Stall


(One side of our stall.  Much more pictures below….see if you can spot yourself if you visited!)

We had our first proper Devon Animal Save event a few weeks ago (apologies for the delay in posting) in Torquay.

We weren’t really sure how it would go but we wanted to do something to raise some awareness and let people know we are there if they feel the same and want to join in or to educate people who had no idea the horrors of what goes into their food.

We were fortunate enough that the people at Animal Aid, VIVA! and PETA sent us a good selection of leaflets and posters to hand out.  We got hold of some cheap VR headsets which work with mobile phones and even had home made vegan chocolate cake and other chocolate samples.  We were set!

Getting everything into town was a bit of a mission as there were only a few of us and we had boards, leaflets, tables, chairs, headsets etc.  But we managed to get set up outside Primark and after getting comfortable were moved on by security a little.  But literally only a couple of feet so it wasn’t too bad.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, if people would be offended by what we were doing, if they would look at us like weirdos (I’m used to that to be honest) or if they would throw insults and shout the typical call of the meat eater “BACON!”.  But it was pleasantly surprising.  We had a lot of people stop and talk to us, without us even having to offer cake!  They saw the boards and leaflets and took the time to come and speak to us, to try the bites and look at the VR headset showing the view of a slaughterhouse from a Pigs perspective.  We had fellow vegans stop and chat, vegetarians stop and take information away about the egg and dairy industry; we even had a dairy farmer stop who was trying to ask questions to defend dairy farming (to which his girlfriend pulled him away telling him he would never “win”).  We spoke to other animal activists from the local area who were happy to see more of us about and even a small lad stopped and told us how he turned him mum Vegetarian and how if people love animals, why do they eat them? 🙂 The little dude was a legend and spreads the message throughout his school.

Below are some pictures of the first stall, with more planned very soon!

If you are in Devon, whether for a week or live here, please contact us on Facebook to get involved.  We have regular meetings to get to know each other more and welcome new members as well as stalls and planning days.  We are looking into suitable times for Slaughterhouse Vigils to bear witness to the animals in their final moments too.
We are a friendly, caring group of people who want to raise the profile of veganism and educate others as to what their meal choices contribute to.  We are non violent in any protests and do what we do for the animals.


Thanks for the support we have received so far and long may it continue and grow!!


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