Something Missing From Lidl Advert

So, I was watching the TV last night and saw an advert for Lidl.  I don’t know if you have seen it and I wont be posting it here because I’ll be fucked if I’m going to share their advertisements.

Anyway, the premise is that a customer couldn’t believe their packaged cow flesh was British.  So she goes to a concentration camp farm to meet a Scottish farmer and she is running in the fields with cows.  Now, cows are beautiful animals, if you take a minute to look at them for what they are; which is living breathing creatures and not an ingredient you will see that.  They are big dogs with beautiful brown eyes and a natural curiosity and playfulness.

Image result for happy cow gif

(Cows running and jumping)

cow(Beautiful cow)

So after she has played with the cows and the farmer has shown her some Scottish grass *rolls eyes* they cut to her sat down and being served slices of dead cow.

Firstly, the woman eating that meat is one sick puppy.  The way Lidl made it look was that they were playing with the cows, getting them into a pen and the next scene is it being served up on a plate!  So she was playing and laughing with the cows and then eating it!!  That’s messed up, I don’t know many meat eaters who would be able to play and laugh with the cows and then eat it.  They would form a bond or an attachment of some kind.

But my main gripe with the advert was that they went to the expense and trouble of showing the cows playing, eating, mooing and then the cows butchered and cooked but missed the part in between, (which thanks to the RSPCA Assure Scheme, we can read in detail), the slaughtering of the animal.  The killing.  The bit where they do this:


slaughter 2

I will always maintain that if you are going to show something “from start to finish” you should show everything inclusively.  This is why meat eaters are so surprised when you remind them of how animals are killed for their food.  And don’t forget, this is the RSPCA approved way (the way they sell to companies to use the RSPCA logo….yknow the RSPCA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals….).

(Cow being shot with a bolt)


I showed some footage of slaughterhouses to a colleague the other day at work and they were shocked.  Utterly shocked and couldn’t believe it was in the UK.  They couldn’t believe it happened full stop, but the fact it was so close to home made it harder to stomach.  Or maybe it was the fact that they were thinking about how they contribute to that suffering and abuse.


This is the issue, the problem that Lidl have contributed to with their advert.  Stopping people making the connection.  Now it may seem like I am picking on Lidl or targeting them and you may wonder why, but they are the ones showing the happy cow and then the ingredient and skipping over how it went from one to the other.  They wanted to show their pure Scottish cow steaks, but not how it was killed.  They didn’t even mention it was RSPCA Assured, so for all I know that assure standard may not have been followed and they were treated and killed differently.  But this disconnect between animal and food is growing more and more.  They way people and companies try to ignore the living being and the between stage.  Lidl is a classic example with this advert.  If you cannot be proud of what you do, why do it?  If you cannot openly show how your product is made should you really be making it?  If you cannot recognise the process which you contribute to, should you consume it?

Well, I am pretty gobby so I emailed Lidl asking the question as to why they failed to show the in between stage.  The part where the happy beautiful cow is murdered.  I look forward to their response although I doubt I will get one.  I have also tweeted them and still, they haven’t acknowledged it, even with the number of retweets and likes.  If you read this and are on twitter, please feel free to RT it so they see people want to know.  Here is the link Linky.

I will update with any response I get.




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