Devon Animal Save – Update

New Name, Same Mission.


Devon Animal Save is the new name of Devon Pig Save.  Which was the new name for South Devon Slaughterhouse Vigils.



What’s in a name?

The name change(s) came around from affiliations and by gathering more information from our potential vigil areas.  Originally we were South Devon Slaughterhouse Vigils because I hadn’t had any contact with Toronto Pig save and didn’t want to use their name without permission.  Luckily, I did hear back from them really quickly and they were incredibly supportive and put me in touch with Manchester Pig Save who were also amazing and still are, supporting us along the way.
From these initial emails, Jonny and Andrew from Manchester  video called me and we discussed what we want to do here in Devon and potential areas to hold vigils and because of the array of animals being slaughtered near by, the name was changed to reflect that vigils will be held for all animals and not just pigs.

Anyway, with that cleared up…..

We now have a page on Facebook where you can see up-to-date information on what is going on and when its going on.
Search Devon Animal Save, visit or click the Facebook icon at the bottom of the page (or any of these blue writings).
This will be used to inform of when vigils are taking place, where they are taking place and provide feedback from the vigils. It will also be a place where we share information about Veganism and where we can post pictures and videos of the vigils as well as any impact it is having on the community.  I ask you to take a look, give us a like and share us around.  We really want to raise awareness of the Save Movement, so even if you aren’t in Devon or even the UK, please click like and share.  There wasn’t a Save group local to me when I started Devon Animal Save, but because I’d seen it elsewhere it made me want to pursue it.  If I hadn’t seen the likes of Manchester doing the incredible things they do, I may not have even known of such a thing.  So please like and share and if there isn’t a group in your area, start one!
Our page has only been live a short while and has already received such an encouraging amount of support and I am truly grateful. The more of us there are, the bigger the difference we will make.  Thank you.

This Saturday there will be a meeting with a few members in Torquay, mainly a “get to know you” sort of thing where we can learn a little about each other and hopefully start laying some foundations as to when and where we will start the vigils as well as other ideas and methods of spreading the word.

The way things are going I will probably start a stand alone site for DAS to save supporters having to read my other ramblings on here.






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