Humane Slaughter. The Worst Lies We Tell….

Are the ones we tell ourselves.

I get sick and tired of meat eaters spewing the same old line of “but it was slaughtered humanely”. There is no such thing. It isn’t possible to slaughter anything humanely. The two words are polar opposites.

Below are synonyms for Humane.

Such beautiful words there. Compassionate. Kind. Considerate.  Sympathetic. Gentle.

Now, tell me how the hell those words coincide or compliment the following synonyms for Slaughter.

Just look at some of the words and phrasing.

“The killing of a large number of people or animals in a cruel or violent way”

Massacre. Murder. Butcher. Exterminate. Execute. Destroy.

The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves. Meat eaters, wake up. Stop lying to yourselves. Get your head out of the sand, take your blinkers off and realise that what you are saying is utter bull. You cannot have a gentle massacre. A kind annihilation. A gentle murder. It’s an oxymoron

Stop lying to yourself. Distance your selfish tastebuds and brainwashed traditions and realise that every time you choose to eat an animal product, you are not being humane. You are contributing to the slaughter, death, destruction, murder and annihilation of another living, breathing, feeling being.

Everytime you eat meat, you’re eating a life. You’re consuming murder. The average meat eater will eat 7000 animals in their life time.  7000 victims of slaughter.  7000 lives taken needlessly.  That total doesn’t include the death of animals for dairy and eggs!  So much needless violence and we wonder why the world is the way it is?  We desensitise children at a young age that its ok to kill and eat flesh of a living being.  We grow up seeing animals as lesser beings.  That its ok to murder them.  Why? or more importantly, how?  Because we use the contradictory statement above “Humane Slaughter”.

If you’re a meat eater, what is your definition of humane?
Is it merely a quick death? Like the male chicks from the egg industry who are thrown into a meat grinder alive?  I mean, I guess that’s pretty quick, but its certainly not humane.
Is it a painless death?  Like being suspended upside down, dipped into water connected to a power supply to stun you before being moved by conveyor to a spinning blade to slit your throat?  Probably pretty painless, but still doesn’t really feel “humane”.  Or how about shipped in crates and left in a gas chamber?  Is that humane?  Were those who suffered at the hands of the Nazis in world war 2 killed humanely?

There is no humane slaughter, it isn’t possible.  The taking of another beings life against their will is not and never will be humane.

The act of murder, mutilation, destruction cannot be made to sound nice.  The same way a rape can never be romantic.(as one commenter on my Instagram said).

Please, stop trying to deceive yourselves.  Stop trying to excuse such horrific acts.  Make the connection which we all had as babies and children, that animals are friends, NOT food.  We still have that in us, we watch movies like Chicken Run, Babe, charlottes web and we will the animal to survive, to escape slaughter and for the farmer to show some compassion.

That is within all of us, the will for a living creature to be a living creature.  It gets twisted and changed over time, manipulated by media and traditions.  So much so that we try and justify it with pathetic arguments and bullshit phrases such as “humane slaughter”.  There is no such thing, no matter how hard you may wish for it.

So, please.  Take the blinders off, look and listen to what you are saying, make the connection between animal and food.  Be compassionate, be humane….stop killing.  Go vegan and save lives.

(The legend that is Gary Yourofsky and his reply to Humane Slaughter)




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