RSPCA Barbecue Chicken

What.  The.  Actual.  Fuck!

So, if you follow my blog, Twitter or Instagram you will know I am not the biggest fan of the RSPCA.  (See here)

I don’t like how they claim to care for the prevention of cruelty to animals, when really they just mean dogs and cats.  But anyway, I will end up on another rant if I keep going, so if you want to know my reasons for feeling like I do, please click the link above.

So, RSPCA Barbecue.


As you can see, they have a lovely recipe for Chicken Kebabs.  Not only do they want 4 large chicken breasts, they also want yogurt.  So not only are they recommending killing chickens for the meat, they also support the murdering of baby male cows (who don’t produce milk) the forced insemination (rape) of female cows to start the lactating process for milk and other dairy products and the stealing of the subsequent calf from the pregnancy.  But lets take a quick look at the top left of the picture above, taken from the RSPCA Assured website which I wont link to as I do not want to increase their traffic (even if only one person reads this and clicks it, that’s one too many).


*sigh* Do they really not see the hypocrisy in that statement?

They claim to be “dedicated to farm animal welfare” then give a recipe that includes the death of multiple animals.

Lets take a look at what they are actually doing.  Step back and break it down.

1st, we have a charity organisation that has the following words in their name:

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

2nd, the same organisation sells the use of its logo to farms, hatcheries, dairies and slaughterhouses so long as they murder and mutilate in a pre agreed way

3rd, they then advertise for those companies who have signed up to the Assure scheme so that they get more business and murder and mutilate more animals

4th, they then offer recipes using the dead animals

That sounds messed up right?  I’m not the only one to think this am I?

This taken from the RSPCA website states how the chickens are killed

Electrical stunning

  • Birds are hung upside down by their legs on metal shackles along a moving conveyor belt. 
  • They move along the production line to a stunning water bath; when the bird’s head makes contact with the water, an electrical circuit between the water bath and shackle is completed, which stuns the bird. 
  • The conveyor belt then moves the birds to a mechanical neck cutter, which cuts the major blood vessels in the neck.

Controlled Atmosphere Systems

  • Many chickens, hens and turkeys are now killed using gas. 
  • Birds remain in their transport crates and are placed into a gas chamber where they are exposed to mixtures of air and gas, until dead. 
  • This method avoids the need to handle and ‘shackle’ live birds, so has some welfare advantages. 
  • UK law states that animals must be killed, not just stunned, using this method.

(Mechanical Throat Slitting)

I think you would have to agree that being shackled upside down, moved along a conveyor, dipped in water to be electrocuted before having your throat slit on a mechanical neck cutter, is cruel.  Bear in mind that chickens are smart animals, they can be trained, count, chose treats from under cups etc so it’s not unreasonable to think that they can see what’s happening around them and know what’s coming.  The same chickens they have been locked inside a barn with since birth, hung upside down around them then shocked and slit.  Imagine if that was a human, how would you feel about this?  Or a dog? Or cat? Which point would you stop thinking its ok and start being repulsed at?  All animals have feelings, they feel pain, fear, panic, stress……and this is the approved method from the cruelty prevention charity.  Who then advertise and sell these methods so consumers can think everything is happy and cruelty free.  THEN, they advertise recipes with animals treated this way to try to sell more!!  Basically working for the slaughterhouses and other businesses making a profit from the suffering.

So, now we have the chicken breast.  Next is the yogurt.  Now, to get milk from a cow it must have given birth.  So the cows are placed in “Rape Racks” (I used to cringe when I was meat eater when vegans would say cows were “raped” for milk, but the animal agriculture industry actually coined the phrase rape rack so now I don’t cringe or apologise for using that word) and forcibly artificially inseminated.  To do this an arm is forced up the back of a cow and semen injected into her.  The cow will be pregnant for the usual time, then when it gives birth, the calf is taken away.  At this time the cow and calf cry out for each other, mother cows have been known to cry out for days for their young.  Desperate to be with their baby.  If the calf was a male, there is no use for it as it wont give milk so it will have a bolt to the head and then its throat slit to be sold as veal.  If its female, it will be held and fed artificial milk (can’t waste the real milk on its intended source when there is profit to be made!).  Once old enough, this will also go through the same suffering as its mother.  Now, this will happen roughly three times for the female cow.  Three times she will be placed in the rape rack, forcibly inseminated, carry her calf through pregnancy and have her baby stolen away.  At roughly 5 years old, the cow will be no good for milk anymore, or give a lower yield and will be sold for burger meat or other cheap meat products.  The life expectancy of a cow is 15-20 years.  So when Vegetarians still eat dairy, they are contributing to this murder, they may not eat the meat but they contribute to the early death and the suffering of animals.  Milk Is Lives Killed (I’m kinda proud of that, just made it up on the fly….should really meme it!)

This is what the RSPCA want you to incorporate over your murdered chicken.

Now, can you see why I feel this is messed up.  Its bad enough that the RSPCA sell the use of its logo to companies so they can murder and mutilate animals, I find that disgusting, unethical and a total conflict of interest.  It is misleading, deceptive and down right disgraceful.  But then to advertise recipes which will encourage people to go out and buy more meat, more suffering?!?  It makes me rage.

This post became longer than expected, but I would love to hear your feedback or opinions.

Save lives, save the planet, save yourself.  Go Vegan.


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